Used purchase verdict, long distance Tesla, pick up Kia |  CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Used purchase verdict, long distance Tesla, pick up Kia | CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

When selling a private car, the issue of warranty is quickly explained: In general terms, the so-called liability for material defects can be excluded and with the risk that the buyer will be left with a defective gearbox suddenly a few months. later. But obviously it’s not that easy (anymore). Because in the new decision of the Federal Court of Justice, this issue is interpreted differently. Andreas Jüngling summarizes in his article what you should consider in the future if the old car leaves the family.

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While the fan community waits with fingers crossed for the Model Y to be unveiled, Tesla is playing with the current model again and adding another variant to the lineup. Baptized in Tesla’s vernacular as “High-end rear-wheel drive”, at least you don’t have to wonder for long what it’s all about: a big battery for an all-wheel drive model with a single engine to boot. rear axle. This creates the best range of all the Ypsilons: 600 km. Everything you need to know about it is in this article by Thomas Harloff and Joel Lischka.

SUVs of all types, electric cars of all sizes – this is what Kia is famous for. However, Koreans are not necessarily associated with the pickup truck. A solid platform to give Ford Rangers and Toyota Hiluxes a little kick in the shins? Here comes the Kia Tasman. Uli Baumann knows when and where it will be available and, after reading it, you will too: Please go this way.