Used Subaru Legacy V – reviews, technical data, faults

Used Subaru Legacy V – reviews, technical data, faults

The Subaru Legacy is one of the few cars that doesn’t pretend to be anything, but does its job reliably. It’s sturdy, durable, comfortable, and even today, the Generation V looks great and does a lot of work. What do you think about the Subaru Legacy V?

Since the beginning of its existence, especially since 1989, The legacy of Subaru did not try to impress with its form, gadgets and stylish interior. This is a work car – solid, durable, with great traction, good performance and unique character. It didn’t shine in the “showrooms”, but it cornered other cars on the parade routes and this raw character remained with this model for many years. But when the role of the rally monster was taken over by the Impreza, the Legacy became more elegant, stylish and able to compete, among others, with German rivals. Fortunately, it did not lose all its character and a little freshness remained in it. There was less and less from generation to generation The last version released in Europe in 2009-2014 it already looks very modern and in the right version, you might like it.

Subaru Legacy V - rear
While the front is very attractive and attractive, the rear of the sedan version is quite average in beauty.

Used Subaru Legacy V – specs, body

Audi A4, Skoda Superb and Octavia, Volkswagen Passat, BMW 3 series – there were many competitors on the market and Subaru knew very well that the typically Japanese, aggressive style and interior could have problems with the competition. Which is why The fifth generation has been significantly updated and received an almost classic, attractive European style. It is true that there are many traditional characteristics left, but the orthodox fans of this brand do not appreciate the fifth generation as much as the previous versions. The front end is dominated by wide, thoughtfully drawn lampshades that overlap the wheel arches and a heavily chrome-plated grille. They also deserve attention sporty overlays and aggressive bumper lines. The side line is quite gentle, but attention is given to the embossing on the wheel arches, which gives the muscle. The rear is quiet, the headlights have a good shape, the bumper has normal lines and is not visible. If the car is in a higher equipment version and has larger rims, Subaru Legacy V even today can make a very positive impression. However, it should be noted that accentuated wheel arches in tandem with small rims can give a negative impression. Subaru Legacy V is 4730mm long, 1780mm wide and 1505mm tall. The wheelbase is 2750 mm. In the station wagon version, the length is 4775 mm and the height is 1535 mm. Other dimensions have not changed.

Subaru Legacy V - front
It is true that you can see many elements of the classic Japanese style, but in the right configuration Legacy V looks good and can confidently compete with European rivals.

Used Subaru Legacy V – interior, trunk

The interior of the Legacy V has also become modern, quite fashionable and “European”. Of course, concerns will complain about the large amount of imitation plastic, for example, aluminum, but in the early years of production of this model it was quite common. However, the aesthetics of the interior cannot be denied and if someone preferred symmetrical and complex lines, eg Passat, he will feel very comfortable in Legacy. Almost everything has sharp corners, and the amount of roundness is kept to a minimum. What? built-in radio with CD player, above is a small on-board computer screen. The watches have a very attractive finish and are legible. There is also plenty of storage and shelving. The truth is, the weather is quite special, but The interior of the Legacy V can be loved a lot.

The biggest advantage is, above all, the comfort and feeling of contact with a slightly higher class car. So we have soft upholstery, leather, spacious, very comfortable seats with pleasant but not boring side support and a high chair. Also, the sofa is comfortable and wide enough to seat three adults. In fact, there is a high and wide tunnel in the middle (a 4 × 4 car is an excuse), and in the sedan version the roof at the height of the headrests begins to drop a lot, but in the station wagon it is. very hard to complain about the conditions. Two adults can travel there even for long distances and they will not feel the discomfort caused by the narrow space. While the trunk in a sedan does not work – it is deep and has unusual shapes – so in a station wagon you can carry a lot of luggage, and its location will not be a problem. Regarding the ability, the sedan’s boot capacity is 486 liters and that of the station wagon is 526/1,677 liters.

Used Subaru Legacy V – engine

The engine offering includes a number of interesting items, although those looking for variety may be disappointed. The basis is the engine 2.0 with 150 hp and 196 Nm of torque. Drive is, of course, directed to all wheels (symmetrical AWD) via a manual or Lineartronic variable transmission. In the automatic version, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 11 seconds and the maximum speed is 203 km / h. Average fuel consumption according to the manufacturer – about 8 l/100 km. It has a little more power engine 2.5. It produces 170 hp and 230 Nm, thanks to which the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h takes 9.2 seconds, and the average fuel consumption is about 9 l / 100 km. There is also a GT-derived variant 2.5 liter unit with 265 hp and 350 Nm of torque. Sprint to a hundred takes a very good 6.2 seconds, and the top speed is 245 km / h. Unfortunately, the average fuel consumption is more than 10 l/100 km.

Subaru Legacy V - engine
The 2.0 Boxer petrol unit is the basic solution for the Legacy V. It is not very powerful, but it is not without problems.

The engine is also prepared for very high demands 3.6R with 256 hp and 335 Nm of torque. It is true that the performance is not better than the GT version – about 7 seconds to a hundred – but the fuel consumption is the same, and the pleasure of driving the 6-cylinder boxer is definitely greater. However, there are not many duplicates, and many errors and high operating costs prevent efficient procurement. At the other end of the scale is a diesel engine with fuel efficiency, ie 2.0 up to 150 hp and 350 Nm of torque. Here, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 9.3 seconds, the maximum speed is 206 km / h, and the average fuel consumption is a respectable 5.9 l / 100 km.

Subaru Legacy V - engine
Not everyone prefers the diesel unit in Subaru, but it is quite economical and shows satisfactory dynamics.

Used Subaru Legacy V – user reviews


“Great driving thanks to AWD.”

“A smartly spacious interior and a practical luggage compartment in an estate version.”

“Attractive design and realism on the road.”

“Consistent performance and relative reliability.”


“A common choice in the secondary market.”

“An average engine deal with not much difference.”

“The interior is a bit different in quality and finish from the stiffer competition.”

“Inaccurate guidance and annoying diversity going on.”

Used Subaru Legacy V – failure rate, common faults

Unfortunately for Subaru Legacy operating costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are very high. Subaru is the best in reliability – The legacy of the past had the desirable quality of permanence, even for normal use in rough terrain. There is no indication that the reliability of the Subaru Legacy in the version described has suffered in any way. There are no comments on frequent and permanent faults, although users of diesel units complain that service, due to unusual construction, can be more expensive and more problematic. at the time of purchase It is also worth checking carefully the operation of all the work in the interiorthe condition of the upholstery and plastic components, because their replacement can be a little difficult due to the poor availability of common spare parts.

Subaru Legacy V - driving modes
The drive in the Subaru Legacy V is solid, but improper operation can cause its damage. It’s worth checking before you buy.

Used Subaru Legacy V – where is the VIN number?

The VIN number on the Subaru Legacy V is located under the windshield in the lower left corner, and also in the engine compartment on the right side of the vehicle on the badge and near the left shock mount. The VIN can also be found on the B-pillar under the driver’s door.

Subaru Legacy V VIN number

Used Subaru Legacy V – market condition, price

On the day of publication, about 30 used Subaru Legacy V ads were posted on the website. For example, a copy from 2009 with a 2.0di engine and a mileage of 178,000 km costs about PLN 22,000. For about PLN 40,000 we will get a model from 2013 with a mileage of about 150,000 km and a 2.5 engine.

Used Subaru Legacy V – overview

If someone is looking for an affordable, yet solid and unusual family car, the Subaru Legacy V should catch their attention. Among the great benefits must be mentioned Great handling, traction, comfort and spaceeven if one is looking for high-quality or modern solutions (for those times), the Japanese proposal can be a little disappointing.

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Subaru Legacy V - side

Subaru Legacy V – dimensions, trunk capacity
height width height 473-477/178/150-153 cm
The base of the wheels 275 centimeters
Stem capacity sed 486 l, eg 526-1660 l
Subaru Legacy V – technical data, performance, fuel consumption
Engine 2.0 2.5 2.5T 3.6R 2.0d
Ability 1994cc 2457cc 2457cc 3630cc 1998cc
Oil gasoline gasoline gasoline, turbo gasoline turbo diesel
strength 150 hp 170 hp 250 hp 256 hp 150 hp
torque 196 Nm 230Nm 350 Nm 335 Nm 350 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 9.5 seconds 9.2 seconds 6.2 seconds 6.8 seconds 9.3 seconds
speed 210 km/h 215 km / h 245 km / h 240 km/h 206 km/h
Wednesday. fuel consumption 8.5L/100km 9L/100km 10L/100km 10.6L/100km 5.9L/100km

Used Subaru Legacy V – gallery