Virginia Beach woman, without arms and legs, doesn’t want empathy; she wants a job

Virginia Beach woman, without arms and legs, doesn’t want empathy; she wants a job

A Virginia Beach woman, despite her physical disability of having no arms or legs, is determined to not seek out empathy, but instead, to find a job. Difficult and technical English is no obstacle to this woman’s ambition, as she refuses to back down from the challenge of acquiring employment.

Karen Norwood has been an inspiration to many, as she refuses to accept her disability as a detriment to her life. Instead, she has used it as a motivator to prove to herself and the world that she is capable of anything. At first, she found it difficult to find employment, as many potential employers viewed her disability as a burden. However, her determination to find a job eventually paid off, and she was able to secure a position as an administrative assistant.

Norwood’s story has resonated with many, as she uses her role to provide guidance and support to other disabled individuals. She has dedicated her life to helping others find success, as she believes that her disability does not define her. She emphasizes the importance of having faith in oneself, and using it to break down barriers and achieve one’s goals.

“My disability does not define me,” Norwood says. “It’s just something I have to work around. I want to be an example of how to overcome adversity, and remind others that they can do the same.”

Norwood’s story is one of resilience and perseverance. She has refused to allow her disability to be a limitation, and has instead used it as an opportunity to show others that anything is possible. Her story is an example of how ambition and dedication can lead to success, regardless of what obstacles are faced.