Voghera pays tribute to the Maserati brothers with a program of plans

Voghera pays tribute to the Maserati brothers with a program of plans

A car parade around the city, an art exhibition and a meeting of Voghera people who have made their name famous everywhere.

The municipality of Voghera pays tribute to the Maserati brothers with a program dedicated to cars, mechanics and art.

Three events for Maserati

Voghera pays tribute to the Maserati brothers who, starting from Voghera, made their name famous around the world by starting an unknown car manufacturer. Along with those buildings, the Municipal Administration has prepared tthree events: a meeting of the Maserati car, an exhibition of the painter Mario Maserati and a meeting dedicated to Alfieri Maseratithe first of the brothers to try their hand in the automotive industry.

The name, Maserati, is not only related to the automotive environment but also to the world of art as Mario, one of the brothers, opened an artist’s workshop in the center of Voghera. In the late sixties, his exhibition was launched in Voghera and former Chamber President Sandro Pertini.

The program includes an exhibition organized by the association Spazio 53 and the curator and art critic Roberto Bergaglio of more than 70 paintings by the painter Mario Maserati in the halls of Castello Visconteo from 13 to 21 May and launch on Saturday 13 at 11.

The works of Mario Maserati will be it is also visible at the “Beccari” Historical Museum. of through Gramsci in Voghera with a wonderful opening on the days of the Rising and in the Church of San Calogero in the Vogherese neighborhood of Medassino where it will be possible to admire the pictures created by the painter every day from 17.30 to 18.30 and Sunday from 10 to 12.

Voghera pays tribute to the brothers

The Maserati car parade will then take place on Saturday 13th May which will pass through the streets of the city. The arrival is expected at 10.30 in the hall of Castello Visconteo to greet the launch of the painting exhibition andMaserati vintage car show Club Italia in the garden. From 15.30 to 17.00 cars will pass through the center of the city and the station of Piazza Duomo.

To complete the program, Thursday 18 May at 11 will be held conference “Statistics of Alfieri Maserati” at the Baratta Hall of the Maserati Institute of Higher Education in Voghera. The meeting will be organized by the head teacher Prof. Filippo Dezza in front of renowned speakers from the automotive and mechanical fields.

The city of Voghera pays tribute to the Maserati brothers with various initiatives, tracing the beautiful story of this great family made up of six brothers closely linked to the history of cars. – says the Mayor of Voghera Paola Garlaschelli – Mario is the only one who does not deal with engines, cars and racing but with his artistic skills he contributed to the family’s dream on the occasion of the production of the first racing car in 1926. “Type 26″, by requiring a coat of arms that can make it clear. The famous trinity logo was born from his pen, inspired by the statue of Neptune carved by Giambologna in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.”