Volkswagen ID.  XTREME is electric – and instant – off-road

Volkswagen ID. XTREME is electric – and instant – off-road

The Volkswagen ID.4 has been on the market for about two years now, and has been available in several flavors since then. So you can – as befits an SUV – choose from a two- or four-wheel drive and there is even a sports variant in the range under the name GTX. However, there was no local version, and they seem to find sympathy for Volkswagen itself. Now they show what such an off-road EV could look like, and for that they raise the ID.4 GTX model to new heights, literally and figuratively.

Added GTX

The most surprising changes can be found on the outside, where this ID. The XTREME not only got the suspension of the rally but it also has wide shoulders. He owes this to new 3D-printed wheel arches that add 5 centimeters to both sides of the body. Below we find custom 18-inch wheels with natural rubber on the side. The front can be an ID. XTREME takes a lot thanks to the futuristic bullbar, which protects the front bumper with the worst line. On top, a roof rack with an LED bar is located, while the bottom is fully protected by aluminum plating, according to Volkswagen.

Although it is a concept car, there are still a few things to protect. Identification. In terms of powertrain, the XTREME is based on the top version of the GTX sportier. So count – luckily – on four-wheel drive, but don’t count on the standard 299 hp that the ID.4 GTX has. Instead, engineers added an electric rear motor, creating an identity. The XTREME would be good for 385 horsepower. In addition, the powertrain would also produce a fake sound to emphasize the driving experience, although Volkswagen doesn’t (yet) know what such a thing sounds like.

A sustainable road

Although this research model is based extensively on the ID.4 GTX, that does not mean that they have produced a copy for it in Wolfsburg. Under the guise of sustainability, the manufacturers have used as many pieces as possible that were still gathering dust somewhere in their warehouse. The 82 kWh battery, for example, is second-hand and the battery largely comes from a discarded test car from the ID.4 development. Identification. XTREME therefore got a good position on the ID. Last weekend’s meeting, a Volkswagen event where you can only go if there is energy running through your veins.

Volkswagen ID.  XTREME Concept 2022

If this off-road ID.4 was enough to make you part with your Toyota Land Cruiser V8 top diesel, then we have to disappoint you – and the environment. Volkswagen is building the XTREME ID in just one copy, and has no plans to produce the product later. Although on the outside it looks like there’s little going on that little fit Harry in his cabin can’t do, so feel free to try it yourself.