Volkswagen share: Will fall again – Volkswagen shares behind Dax

Volkswagen share: Will fall again – Volkswagen shares behind Dax

AAn hour and a half before the close of business in Frankfurt, the car manufacturer from Lower Saxony was quoted at EUR 145.92, while the closing price on the last trading day was EUR 149.30. After the rise of the last few days, Volkswagen has turned negative and it remains to be seen if the losses will continue.

With a position of 30 and a minus of 2.26%, Volkswagen is currently only in the bottom third of the Dax, which is falling by 1.65% overall.

An hour and a half before the end of trading, the stock reaches a trading volume of 800,546 shares traded. A total of 806,818 shares were traded during the previous trading day.

Shares of the Lower Saxony-based carmaker are currently down 26.15 percent below their 52-week high of EUR 197.59. The 52-week low was 120.56 euros.

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Due to the market value of the Lower Saxony car manufacturer of 88.85 billion euros, the company has a weight of 5.96% when calculating the Dax. With 656,000 employees, Volkswagen ranks 4th in the most important German stock market index. In comparison: only Linde, SAP and Deutsche Telekom are more valuable.

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