Volvo Trucks is offering the 15 FH Electric in Spain

Volvo Trucks is offering the 15 FH Electric in Spain

Spanish refrigerated transport company Primafrio has taken delivery of 15 Volvo FH Electric trucks. They are used to transport fruit and vegetables in the region of Murcia in Spain, which are then distributed to Edeka supermarkets in Germany.

However, the Volvo FH Electric is not used for transport to Germany, but collects products from manufacturers in the region surrounding the university town and transports them to the main warehouse of Primafrio, which is located in the southwest on the E-15 road. Grupo Primafrio’s headquarters in Alhama de Murcia already has the necessary infrastructure to charge electric trucks with ten fast chargers.

Since regional transport around Murcia is now fully electric, this should reduce CO2 emissions in the food supply chain. The normal daily routes taken by vehicles and the additional energy required for the refrigeration body are not accurately accounted for in the communication.

The acquisition of the vehicles was funded to an undisclosed amount by the government of the region of Murcia. As Volvo Trucks emphasizes in a press release, Primafrio also chose electric trucks “thanks to the cooperation and comfort received from its customer Edeka”. Magnus Kulwicke, Head of Sustainability at Edeka Spain, and Eugen Dobler, Head of Logistics at Edeka FruchtKontor in Valencia, also attended the handover of the new units.

“We are committed to sustainable mobility and always responding to the needs of our customers,” says José Esteban Conesa, President of Grupo Primafrio. “We are developing many initiatives to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As Volvo is a pioneer in electric solutions, we are delighted to have their trucks back in our fleet.

The FH Electric is one of three electric truck models that Volvo has ordered since 2022. to be sold and builds a series. The company places FH Electric in the area of ​​regional and national transportation, and there is also FM Electric (for regional, heavy transportation) and FMX Electric for construction transportation.

All three ranges feature a powertrain combining three electric motors and Volvo Trucks’ I-Shift transmission. Peak power is 490 kW, continuous power is 315 kW. The six batteries have an energy content of 540 kWh, which according to Volvo should be enough for a distance of 300 km. (in spanish)