We know what an electrician produced in Poland will look like

We know what an electrician produced in Poland will look like

Jeep’s electric crossover, launched earlier this year, has finally hit the streets. It turns out that the prototype from the concept photos looks almost identical to the production version, and the car will be produced at the Polish factory in Tychy.

The electric Jeep is already on the streets. Unfortunately, he is still “unnamed”

During this year’s meeting, the president of Stellantis, Carlos Tavares, presented An electric Jeep that is fully compatible with the current market needs. An urban crossover that will work for a short trip from home to the store, but also for a vacation trip.

Jeep’s new crossover will be produced at the Polish plant in Tychy, along with similarly sized Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

Jeep electrics, which still remains “unnamed”, we have seen so far only in concept rendering – and it presented impressive. Small, but chunky at the same time, with a classic Jeep design. Finally, however, the car was spotted on the street and Motor1 reporters managed to capture it in a photo.

It looks similar to concept art

And not so clearly. It often turns out that what cartoonists have prepared on paper, not always engineers (for different reasons) can reproduce in a production model. In the case of Jeep, affectionately known as the “baby Renegade”, the concept looks similar to the version that will eventually go into production.

Jeep electric crossover

The standard Jeep 7-rib grill has been replaced with the same number of built-in panels – but this is due to the electric motor in the car.

Jeep baby Renegade is part of the Stellantis plan, which assumes that the entire portfolio of all lower brands will be electrified by 2030.

It turns out that the concept art also has a small plate with Jeep-style graphics (grill and headlights) on the front bumper.

Jeep electric crossover

The definition, including the name “renegade child”, is still unknown. Most likely, however, the new Jeep crossover will be around 4.10 meters long and powerful. 136 hp engine (front car). The battery, on the other hand, will hold 50 kWh, which will translate to approx. 300 km range on a single charge.

When is this toy and how much?

The Jeep electric crossover will be available soon, in the first half of 2023. The price remains a mystery, although due to the fact that the price list of the small electric Opel Corsa starts around PLN 160,000, it can be expected that Jeep certainly won’t be cheap. We will probably know more details before the end of 2022.

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Source: Motor1