We know when you will buy Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and Xiaomi 12 Lite!

We know when you will buy Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and Xiaomi 12 Lite!

Unofficially, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is now available to customers around the world, but officially only to a select few. In just a few days, Xiaomi will start selling it worldwide, as well as the new Xiaomi 12 Lite smartphone.

  • Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and Xiaomi 12 Lite are available now, but only for selected customers.
  • However, we do know when global sales of the new wristband and smartphone will begin.
  • Xiaomi Poland has also announced the availability of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 in Poland.

There is real chaos in the world of Xiaomi

What’s going on with Xiaomi devices lately makes you dizzy. Our colleague Kacper managed to buy the international version of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 long before Xiaomi Smart Band 7 was officially announced in Europe. Furthermore, the latest smart band has already been sold in selected Western European countries, but not yet in Poland.

photo: Kacper Żarski / Tabletowo.pl

The situation is the same in the case of Xiaomi 12 Lite. The pre-sale of this smartphone in Azerbaijan ends today, although the device has not been officially announced in the international market – the producer started promoting them only two days ago (!). This appears to be uncoordinated actions by individual Xiaomi branches and creates unwanted confusion that can frustrate customers in different countries.

Global sales of Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and Xiaomi 12 Lite will start in a few days

However, this mess will end soon – there is news that The world premiere of the smartphone is scheduled for July 13, 2022 – its global sales will begin at midnight PST (9:00 am Polish time). At the same time, the sale of the latest Xiaomi band will also begin.

Initially, at least to the current state of our knowledge, this does not mean the official start of sales in Poland, because the Polish branch of Xiaomi has not yet published specific information about the availability of new devices in the country on the Vistula River. However, the global availability of Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and Xiaomi 12 Lite from 9:00 am Polish time on 13 July 2022 means that customers from Poland will also be able to order the new devices in the official Xiaomi store on the AliExpress platform.

In Europe, the regular price of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is set at EUR 59.99 (equivalent to ~ PLN 290), while the new smartphone from the Xiaomi 12 series will cost ~ EUR 500 (~ PLN 2400). It is possible, however, that the manufacturer will prepare a special price version for the start, because it was so in Spain, and instead, it is really standard in its case.

People who, however, do not want to buy new equipment on AliExpress, have to wait. How long? We don’t know yet, because the date of the Polish premiere is still unknown – in the case of the new Xiaomi Poland band. to use the ambiguous word “coming soon”.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 when the Polish premiere is available
source: Xiaomi Poland

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