What are the best selling LPG cars in Italy in April – Virgilio Motori

What are the best selling LPG cars in Italy in April – Virgilio Motori

Dacia is firmly confirmed in the first place sales of LPG powered vehicles in Italy: according to UNRAE data on new registrations for April 2023, the low-cost Renault brand not only dominates the LPG car market, but shows an ever-increasing number.

It enters the platform of the most sold LPG vehicles in Italy DR 4.0: The small SUV from the House of Macchia d’Isernia thus breaks the record that in recent months has seen French brands dominate the top three positions in the rankings without giving an inch.

Success of Sandero and Duster

Dacia Sandero was the best-selling car in Europe in January 2023: the great success of the compact sedan from the House of Mioveni, which reached 18% of the market share on the market of the Old Continent, is mainly driven by the results obtained in France and there. Italy.

According to the data provided by UNRAE regarding registrations in our country, the Sandero continues to be the LPG car preferred by Italians: with more than 2,500 new cars registered in Italy in April 2023, the ecological and affordable sedan marks an increase in sales equal to +22% compared to 2022 data.

View data on enrollment in Aprilhowever, the most appropriate exploitation is that of Dacia Dusterwhich thanks to the launch of the Model Year 2023 in November 2022 reached 1,428 registrations, registering + 91% compared to the same month last year.

Sandero and Duster are growing even if we consider the data referring to the first quarter of the year: compared to the period January-April 2022, the Dacia Duster records an increase of +11%, while the Dacia Sandero, the most sold foreign car in Italy, is fast in the top position of popular LPG vehicles in our country, can boast a growth of more than 40%.

Other cars on the stand

The platform the most sold LPG cars in Italy in April 2023 it closes with a new Italian entry: in third place in the UNRAE list we find DR 4.0 crossovers, offered as standard in petrol and LPG versions in the DR price list. The small SUV from the House of Macchia d’Isernia thus breaks the tradition that saw France anchored on the sales platform for LPG-powered vehicles in Italy – and Dacia and Renault which seemed to have almost no competitors in terms of new registrations.

The Assembly from Boulogne-Billancourt takes the 4th and 5th places in the list, Captur and Clio approaching one thousand registrations, reaching 947 and 832 new registrations respectively in April 2023, with growth compared to April 2022 data from +53% of Renault Captur up to an impressive +212% Renault Clio.

They follow in the standings Dacia Joggerwith 579 new registrations, e Fiat Panda – the only structure in the ranking that recorded a clear deterioration compared to the data of April 2022, with 460 registrations compared to 696 in the same month of the previous year. In eighth place is another new entry, the KIA Sportage, followed by the DR 5.0 and the KIA Stonic, a Korean SUV with regular LPG.