What are the most popular car brands for women?

What are the most popular car brands for women?

Using the 2022 registry, S&P Global Mobility found the car brands most popular with American women. The statistics show that Toyota sells the most cars to women (606,985 units), almost twice that of Honda (363,799) and Chevrolet (340,999).

  1. Toyota: 606.985
  2. Honda: 369.799
  3. Chevrolet: 340.999
  4. Ford: 312.477
  5. Hyundai: 294.380

Ratio of female to male buyers

If we look at the percentage of female buyers for male car brands, Toyota falls slightly (43.3%). Buick has the highest representation of women (55%), Mitsubishi (51.4%) and Mini (51.1%). Note: this is a US study.

  1. Amount: 55%
  2. Mitsubishi: 51.4%
  3. Minimum: 51.1%
  4. Lexus: 50.4%
  5. Infiniti: 49.6%

Buick USA

At least the most popular car brands among women

There are no toppers without flops, because S&P Global Mobility has also ranked car brands that are relatively less popular with women. It’s no surprise that manufacturers that sell pickup trucks do well under female audiences. Surprisingly: Tesla is also not very strong here.

  1. RAM: 17%
  2. GMC: 28.7%
  3. Ford: 31.1%
  4. Tesla: 33.1%
  5. Reduction: 33.9%

American RAM


The influence of women on the car market is, of course, greater than the number and type of cars bought by women. For example, a woman would also have a deciding role in the purchase of a family car, which is often (officially) bought by the man of the house. In the United States, 50.5% of adults are women.

It is not important for (marketing services) car brands: according to S&P Global Mobility, female buyers are more loyal than male. Not so for Ford. It’s also good to know when building new cars: women consider the safety of their new car a top priority.

Can we still tell the difference between female and male shoppers in 2023? The study cautions against generalizations, especially against viewing female new car buyers as an outlier. For example, S&P Global Mobility found that Hispanic women prefer pickup trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado…

Chevrolet USA

Source: S&P Global Mobility