What?  Do you have an Allegro SMART?  From today you will pay more for some services

What? Do you have an Allegro SMART? From today you will pay more for some services

Are you using Allegro SMART? Perhaps you appreciate its convenience and competitive pricing. Unfortunately, the fees for some services are already increasing today. Find out what that means for us buyers.

Service owners Allegro SMART It keeps coming – no wonder, as it allows you to use free shipping (from an order amount of PLN 40), for one monthly fee.

This saves a lot, especially for those who use the web very often. We will pay for the service PLN 10.99 every month or 49 zlotys every year.

Allegro, however, is not deterred by this year’s price hikes, which are attacking us from all sides. They are also waiting smartowiczów – initially, the auction site adds a bid price to the bid.

photo: Allegro

Allegro SMART is more expensive on delivery

If you choose this payment method, until now, even for Allegro SMART, you had to enter an additional cost of PLN 3.99 (for one delivery). Starting today (June 6, 2022), this amount increases to 4.99 zlotys.

Although the increase is small, it may also announce the upcoming changes in the price list of the Allegro Smart service itself – at the moment, the website has no information about such plans, but who knows – it may change soon. I hope we are wrong about this.

One box of Allegro

photo: Allegro

At this time, it is worth remembering the ongoing sale on Allegro, thanks to which we can get money for the next purchase. We have 50 coins (or 50 zlotys) to win for shopping on the site.

To take advantage of the promotion, you must register in the Allegro Pay service, used for purchases and deferred payments:

Allegro has a surprise for you. Receive PLN 50 for purchases on the site!