Who are the top girls lacrosse players in Cincinnati this spring? – The Cincinnati Enquirer

Who are the top girls lacrosse players in Cincinnati this spring? – The Cincinnati Enquirer

As the lacrosse season in Cincinnati kicks off, all eyes are on the top female players to watch. From the midfield to the attack, a handful of athletes have emerged as must-sees this spring, exhibiting the highest levels of technical prowess and strategic acumen on the field.

Leading the pack is senior midfielder Rachel Jones. A standout at Mason High School, Jones has been a consistent presence since her freshman year. As a sophomore, she was named to the state All-American team, and as a junior, she was the Enquirer’s Player of the Year. Jones’ skill set is unparalleled in the region; her adeptness in the face-off circle and her ability to find open space make her a dynamic presence on the field.

Closely following Jones is her Mason High School teammate, attack player Sydney Watson. Watson’s record speaks for itself; she has been named to the All-Ohio team for three consecutive years, and she was the Enquirer’s Offensive Player of the Year as a junior. Watson excels at weaving through opposing defenses, combining deft stick handling and an ability to read the game to create scoring chances.

Rounding out the trio is junior midfielder Grace Metzger of St. Ursula Academy. Despite her youth, Metzger has established herself as one of the top players in the area. Her combination of strength and speed makes her a force to be reckoned with on the field. Metzger’s work ethic and her commitment to the game have made her a leader both on and off the field.

As the lacrosse season in Cincinnati progresses, these three female athletes will be ones to watch. From their technical proficiency to their tactical prowess, Jones, Watson, and Metzger are sure to leave their mark on the game and on their opponents.