Why the new LBX is a turning point for Lexus.

Like the CT compact in the 2010s, the new LBX is an opportunity for Lexus to fight in a field it has never been in before: the compact SUV. Especially since there are many arguments for success.

Lexus, Toyota’s flagship brand, has built its reputation on large sedans and SUVs with unquestionably premium features. At the beginning of the year, the manufacturer invests in a new area with a very competitive segment. Urban SUVs. We understand the magnitude of the challenge of the new LBX, this small SUV that the Japanese manufacturer presented at the beginning ofsummer 2023 and which is now entering the market. It has a height of 4.19 m, it is short The smallest Lexus ever built, the compact “CT” was sold between 2010 and the early 2020s not exceeding 4.35 meters. Above all, this LBX enters the most promising category, that of SUVs under 4.30m. Of course, the Japanese is not alone, but it comes with a strong argument against the competition.

Despite its small size, this LBX remains a Lexus. And if it borrows its technical basis from Toyota Yaris Cross, is clearly different in terms of presentation, with an unparalleled dashboard design and presentation quality, thanks to the most impressive materials in the passenger compartment. Brighter than its counterpart, the LBX is also brighter than its distant rivals, the Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 in the lead. LBX has, in fact, no real direct competitor, as it represents the values ​​of the brand based on the quality of its skills. Externally, its personality remains agreeable, with light shapes and signatures capable of pleasing as many people as possible.

Finally, to appeal in France and more broadly in continental Europe, LBX can certainly be counted on self-propelled hybrid engine. Appearing on the Toyota Yaris and Yaris Cross, its effectiveness no longer needs to be proven. The Lexus compact SUV is even introducing a more powerful variant on offer 136 chapters. Our independent tests will no doubt confirm this soon but our first contacts behind the wheel of the Japanese already allow us to confirm that consumes less and that’s it it will succeed in urban and suburban use.

Well presented and motored, the Lexus LBX should therefore open doors for Lexus to a new, discerning customer small, chic and compact SUV. There are many potential customers and the Japanese small SUV has something to appeal to them.

Everything you need to know about the Lexus LBX


It has been published 03/12/2024 at 4:46 am.