Will Buick soon release an all-wheel drive with the Envista?

Will Buick soon release an all-wheel drive with the Envista?

Why doesn’t Buick offer all-wheel drive on theEnvista while giving onAgain GX?

I would like to change mine Ecore 2018 and I like the design, but the mechanics disappoint me.


Hi Monique,

Inexplicably, this strategy is certainly ambitious to say the least. You must first understand that the Envista is Buick’s new entry-level product and is not a superior model to the Encore GX. The public’s confusion stems from the fact that the Envista’s dimensions are more generous and its design more attractive than that of the Encore GX.

The feeling of a higher quality car compared to reality is therefore visible to the public, and even dealers must always explain this situation. It is the same in Chevrolet and Trax facing them Trailblazer.

Photo: Buick

Now, you should also know that the Envista has a weak engine, a three-cylinder engine with a power of only 137 horsepower, providing a hard-working speed. So it would be difficult to combine the all-wheel drive, which would add weight to the car while reducing the power of acceleration. The solution would be to add an engine from Encore GX, which is practically impossible, since Envista and Encore GX share their platform. They are all assembled in one factory in South Korea.

Will GM change its strategy soon so that customers interested in the Envista can benefit from a worse engine? Only time will tell. But this would definitely affect the sales of Encore GX, which would lose any profit on our subject. In conclusion, note that although the Envista is not very powerful and does not have all-wheel drive, its road behavior remains very pleasant.

Additionally, compared to your 2018 Encore’s engine, you’ll see comparable power here. All you have to do is ask yourself about the real importance of all-wheel drive based on the use you use your car for. You will probably find that in the end, this device is not necessary for you.

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