Window coverings in the intelligent version |  Nakielski courier

Window coverings in the intelligent version | Nakielski courier

Who among us does not dream of a house that is perfect for the rhythm of life of all its residents? A house that fully reacts to climate change and suggests what to do to live more ecologically and economically. Thanks to modern technology, the dream, which until now only grew with fear in our heads, took on a real shape and took on a variety of different types of SMART devices that were put in public as part of the so-called. “smart home”. What solutions can we use when it comes to … windows? We advise.

SMART, ie safe, economical and ecological

Home is synonymous with shelter and a sense of security. This is where our family life takes place, and often social and professional life as well. When planning the interior, we want them to create a warm, comfortable, natural and functional space that meets the needs of all household members. In addition, according to the latest trends, our home should be innovative and energy-saving, which is guaranteed by many devices from the SMART category.

Smart window coverings ensure fast and intuitive operation. They can be connected to installed rain and cloud sensors, thanks to which they react to changes in weather on their own. The ability to control the window covering system from a mobile app means that we can control multiple devices at the same time without the need to use additional remote controls or drivers.

Thanks to modern technology, we can control the window coverings from anywhere in the world. In addition, by choosing to install SMART solutions, we can create our own events, thanks to which the windows will cover or reveal at specific times or in specific situations, for example, after someone enters the house. We can also use them to simulate the presence of family members, eg during holidays.

What distinguishes intelligent window guards?

Window coverings should blend perfectly with the building’s architecture and interior design style. – Exterior and interior window coverings are best ordered by size– advises Agnieszka Gołębiewska from Anwis. – Only then can we be sure that they will fit perfectly – he notes.

We can choose the color and type of material for each project. We also decide for ourselves how to control the system, which can be manual or automatic. Why is it worth using option number 2?

Smart window coverings allow you to reduce energy costs. They can be one of the elements of the pro-ecological system of the associated entities. Thanks to the temperature sensors, the window covering control system can fully respond to the increase or decrease in temperature. Thanks to this solution, we will not only ensure adequate comfort, but also reduce the need to use the air conditioning and heating system. – explains Agnieszka Gołębiewska from Anwis.

Window coverings can be made from natural materials. In addition to external systems that perfectly match the facade of the building, such as SCREEN roller shutters or facade blinds, we can also choose from elegant and intelligent internal coverings – made of wood and ecological fabrics in the perfect color scheme. Thanks to the rich offering on the market – from airy linen fabrics, through fabrics with various degrees of transparency, to completely turn off black velvet fabrics – we can freely illuminate our rooms or add an interesting depth to them.

Smartphone-controlled window lighting? Nothing easy!

Window coverings are fully customizable. It is set to size, taking into account the specific needs of household members and the knowledge and experience of professionals, they will fully fulfill their task. Thanks to them, you can create not only unique window settings, but also implement fully intelligent control systems.

Smart window coverings allow you to control the entire system as you wish. Operation can be done using the remote control without having to get up from the bed. Moreover, thanks to the ability to control the system through the application of mobile devices, the sofa on which we are sitting can be even thousands of kilometers from our window. Thanks to modern technology, we can create pre-planned events that simultaneously control window coverings, indoor or outdoor lighting, as well as temperature and climate. In addition, we can get feedback on the performance of personal tasks and the effects of our actions.

Modern window covering systems fully adapt to individual preferences and allow you to control one roller blind or blind, as well as all the blinds installed in the house. Thanks to special sensors, the covers react directly to any change in temperature or cloud cover. They protect the household members from the prying eyes of the neighbors and the more or less watchful eye of thieves. They provide comfort and safety, but also make us more responsible citizens of the world through better management of the energy we use. By choosing a solution from a reliable manufacturer, we not only get professional help in the selection of special window coverings and their control systems, but also a guarantee of several years and full after-warranty service.

Karolina Cempel-Complace