With the new Kia Sportage you do not need to know-it all.

With the new Kia Sportage you do not need to know-it all.

Do you know Nadia’s condition very well? He passed the car test, drives very comfortably, has everything under control and takes Sandro. But this becomes correct uncomfortable passengers and occasionally make annoying comments about their driving style. Until his neck cracks …

Thank you for the new one Kia Sportage and her sensible driver assistance systems you can do unknowingly-all-co-drivers like Sandro! Because the new Kia will surely bring you rest from A to B.

Show how encouraging it is with an exciting design that is full of ugly edges and enjoy the seriousness of gratitude.

Other benefits of Kia Sportage are:

  • The new Sportage is fully integrated and gives you access, for example Kia Connect. With this service, you are in direct contact with your vehicle and you can access important vehicle information at any time.

  • The Kia Sportage is available as a small hybrid gasoline, non-volatile diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. from CHF 31’650.- available from your Kia partner.

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Kia is a visionary international mobility brand sustainable mobility solutions create worldwide. Kia is a pioneer in popularity electric and battery-powered vehicles and develops a variety of mobility services to encourage millions of people around the world to explore better modes of transportation.

In Switzerland, Kia Schweiz AG offers more than 10 different types of products different models which covers almost all segments of the market.

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