XL with 77 kWh battery

XL with 77 kWh battery

With its new 77 kWh XL battery, the autonomy of the Cupra Born VZ increases to 550 km. © Cupra

Cupra Born, sold a year based on the Volkswagen ID.3, now has a large “XL” 77 kWh battery in its 230 hp VZ version, for a range of 550 km. Indeed, compact electrics had until then the ability to Only one battery “L” in 58 kWh. Its range reached 426 km in the 204 hp V version, and 421 km in the 230 hp VZ version.

Note also that it’s the same 204 hp electric motor for both powertrains. But, with the “e-boost” function, this brings power to 230 hp in ten seconds. Important note: This new Cupra Born VZ XL is available with a 170 kW DC charger instead of 120 kW for 204 hp L.

46,500 euros for the Cupra Born VZ XL 77 kWh

Cupra had a smart idea to keep its price below 47,000 euros. The price that approves the highest bonus, to be deducted from the 46,500 euros including tax requested for this Born VZ XL. For the smallest battery, the “L”, of 58 kWh, calculates 44,600 euros including tax. Finally, the 204 hp Born V is still priced at 43,800 euros including tax. Logically, it should finally be able to equip itself with a 77 kWh battery, like its cousin Volkswagen ID.3.

Jean-Christophe Lefevre