17 crazy cars from the past – from Fuldamobil to SsangYong Rodius

17 crazy cars from the past – from Fuldamobil to SsangYong Rodius

  • We present cars from different eras – 100 years of driving shown (in no order) and amazing cars.

  • Among them there are bad and bad cars that are good, close to avant-garde and very rare cars.

  • The presented cars are small, big, cheap and very expensive – crazy cars know no divisions and take place in every class.

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Eccentric concepts, strange designs and experimental cars appear on the market for young and old, becoming an attractive addition to it. Some of them were created for the needs of the time – the cars were cheap to buy and run, others wanted to impress, like the large SUV Lamborghini LM002 or the winged monster Plymouth Superbird. Still others had amazing properties.

Our space was created to give you hope. The fact that the automobile industry is not only a normal everyday life, meeting the basic needs of transportation and the concern that the car burns too much and pollutes the environment, but also a wonderful pleasure and not the kind you get on the race track or while driving. luxury machine. It is about the joy of communicating with something rare and unusual.

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Some of the cars in our list look as if their designs were created for a caricaturist competition. “Draw a car that represents America’s road trippers – the best crazier!” This award is as if a Stutz Blackhawk would win – everything about it is greatly exaggerated.

Another example: Bristol Blenheim – a coupé covered with the secret of British Bristol manufacturing, which is about one thing: incredible rarity. During the 15 years of production (until 2008), between 100 and 300 Blenheims were produced. Even the exact number of copies is unknown. Bristol took this secret, like many others to the grave – the company went bankrupt in 2011.

Our inventory includes cars from different periods of automotive history. Some of them are “almost new” – like Pontiac Aztec or Fiat Multipla, which can be found on our roads. They all have one thing in common – they are extreme, but above all unusual.