27 Alfa Romeo Montreal… in Montreal

27 Alfa Romeo Montreal… in Montreal

Brezons. 27 Alfa Roméo MontRéal in MontRéal. Alfa Romeo Montreal is a sports car, presented at the Universal Exhibition in Montreal in Canada in 1967, hence its name. The aim was to create and express “the highest human will in the field of motoring” so the best car of the time.

Between 1970 and 1973, 3,925 copies were produced and sold worldwide. But the first oil shock got the best of his strong appetite for gasoline. Today, there are only a hundred in operation in Europe.

Every year, tax drivers of this car go on a trip to discover France. This year, the town of Brezons was honored on the 10th e national conference. And for good reason, one of the villages in the valley is called Montreal.

The 27 cars that participated therefore went to this lovely village, with its winding road, its cross, its waterfall and its view towards Brezons to meet the inhabitants, happily welcoming them and talking about old mechanics. After the commemorative photo, the group split into two. One went to the farm of Jean-François Delcher, in Les Roussinches, to see the cows being milked. Others showed their cars on the Place du 19-Mars-1962, hoods open to meet a large number of residents of Brezons and the surrounding area.

After a welcome drink provided by the town hall, the drivers had an appointment for an Auvergne dinner at a restaurant on the slopes of Combe de la Saure before returning to Murat. All members enjoyed this day of discovery in Cantal.