4-1 home win over Tigers |  Polar Bears Berlin

4-1 home win over Tigers | Polar Bears Berlin

Eisbären Berlin are still on the road to success in the PENNY DEL. Berlin defeated the Straubing Tigers 4-1 at their home ground of the Mercedes-Benz Arena on Wednesday evening. Thus, the polar bears celebrated their fifth victory in a row.

Leo Pföderl (10th, 12/PP1) gave the capital club a 2-0 lead by scoring twice in the first half within 140 seconds. In the middle period, Pföderl increased again (26′) with a goal his third of the game for the hosts. After Marko Nowak (46) extended Berlin’s lead to 4-0 in the final third, Travis St. Denis (54) scored the last goal for Straubing as the game continued.

Eisbären Berlin will play their next game on Friday, January 27. Then Kölner Haie will be the guests at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. The game starts at 7:30 pm.

I am very happy with our game today. We were cautious in the first ten minutes of the game. I lost focus in our game. The momentum came to our side with the crucial opening goal. After that, I really liked our performance. We played calmly and won the match. The power play goal was very well played. Juho Markkanen held up well today. He was there when we needed him.”

Serge Aubin, head coach

“It was a strong performance from us throughout the game. Everyone did a great job. Our defense played well and the forwards were fantastic. We continue to look game by game. On Friday, Cologne is the tough opponent that awaits us. We have to build on our performance today.”

Marco Nowak, Goal scorer and make the result 4-0

final result

  • Eisbären Berlin – Straubing Tigers 4: 1 (2: 0, 1: 0, 1: 1)


  • Eisbären Berlin: Markkanen (Ancicka) – Müller, Ellis (A); F. Hördler (C), Mik; Melchiori, Nowak; Bettahar—Noebels, Pföderl, Clark; White, Boychuk, Fiore; Regin, Wiederer (A), Wall; Heim, Zerter-Gossage, Nijenhuis – Coach: Serge Aubin
  • Straubing Tigers: Miska (Bugl) – Kohl, Brandt; Lighting, carpentry; Scheid, Bourque; Daschner – St. Denis, Zengerle, lyre; Lipon, Adam, Samanski; Eckl, Brunnhuber, Schönberger; Turnbull, Festerling, Connolly – Coach: Tom Pokel

The doors

  • 1:0 – 09:36 – Pföderl (Noebels, Clark) – EQ
  • 2: 0 – 11:56 – Pföderl (Clark, Noebels) – PP1
  • 3:0 – 25:15 – Pföderl (Melchiori, Noebels) – 4-4
  • 4:0 – 45:18 – Nowak (Noebels, Pföderl) – EQ
  • 4:1 – 53:59 – St. Denis (Zimmermann, Daschner) – EQ


  • Eisbären Berlin: 6 (2, 2, 2) minutes
  • Straubing Tigers: 4 (2, 2, 0) minutes

the judge

  • Andris Ansons, Martin Frano (Wayne Gerth, Kenneth English)

The audience