A film about Ferruccio Lamborghini: a few cars and some in the shadows.  Enzo Ferrari plays a disgusting game – News

A film about Ferruccio Lamborghini: a few cars and some in the shadows. Enzo Ferrari plays a disgusting game – News

Ninety minutes in which the story and the superficial and distracted narration do not do justice to the story of the great businessman.

January 23, 2023

THEin a world that Amazon Prime Video and Netflix they churn out series and movies at lightning speed, sometimes it would be better to do things together quieter and more precisely.

Caught up in the passion surrounding the profile”Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Story“, published by Prime Video, we decided to dedicate 90 minutes of our lives to it, how was it?

In itself, 90 minutes recounting the wonderful works of a young engineer who is engaged in the development of the 350 GT, “the most beautiful car in the world” is few, but if this hour and a half is full of high quality, the yield is really low.

All the conditions to do well were there, to begin withthe excellent biography “Ferruccio Lamborghini, the official story”, written by his son Toninomoving from the cast level and Frank Grillo, who plays Lamborghini and Gabriel Byrne as Enzo Ferrari.

grilloprobably also due to the director, never seems to convince and it looks like a traditional caricature of Italians in Americatime Byrnewhich in turn would have enormous potential, it is released with a few jokesin which he plays Enzo Ferrari who is among the obnoxious and rude.

A it’s actually a very short scene that summarizes the beginning of the rivalry between Drake and Ferruccio Lamborghini, when instead it should be the basis of the story. There is never any real depth and in fact, the matter is abandoned after the first scene and taken forward in one an imaginary road race between Ferruccio and Enzowith a brief flash of time coming presented the Lamborghini 350 GT.

Instead, the director wasted a lot of time on romantic scenes of secondary importance, searching narrative shortcuts that make the human element of the characters almost inaccessible. Precisely this aspect leaves a bad taste in the mouth: the profile of a wonderful, dreamy and courageous person suddenly becomes flat, without appeal; the kind of melodrama that has the verve of a scarred Fiat Tipo and doubts when you can’t find your car keys in your pocket.

However, within the story one of Miura’s fathers, Marcello Gandini, is completely ignored. Indeed, there is a disclaimer at the end of the film which states that the characters and events are fictional and which “clearly acknowledges the inception and creation of the Lamborghini Miura by Mr. Marcello Gandini and Eng. Paolo Stanzanihaving left their presence in the cinema only for the needs of the narrative of the cinema”, but perhaps that is not enough.

THEWhat language to watch? Here the choice is difficult: Italian singing is not particularly successfuleven with several errors, when looking at the original, in English, the writers had the “brilliant” idea of ​​making the actors speak with Italian accents.. One way or another, it’s better to pay attention to the sound of cars.

And this is where we need to stop and reflect, asking ourselves if it is worth investing 90 minutes of your time with this – a movie. The answer is not obvious because, if one sided The temptation to take a nap between one event and another is strong, on the other hand, one cannot fail to dwell on the beauty of the – few – cars that have been planned and, for those of us who like it, maybe that can be considered a sufficient reason. Between Lamborghini 350 GTs,, math driven by Ferruccio in a challenge with Enzo Ferrari and finally measurementalong with several Cavallino cars, there is trust to feast your eyes.

All we have to do now is wait for the release, scheduled for next autumn, of the film about Enzo Ferrari. but the star cast including Robert De Niro, Penelope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Patrick Dempsey and Adam Driver, should not leave room for disappointment, especially given that the director is four-time Academy Award nominee Michael Mann.