A Lamborghini LMDh model is also available

A Lamborghini LMDh model is also available

After years in which Toyota was shocked and saw no competition anywhere, automakers are now deciding en masse to sign up for the LMDh (Le Mans Daytona hybrid) racing class. The hypercar class has already seen Ferrari, BMW and Porsche join. Anyone who also wants a piece of the Le Mans pie is Lamborghini: they are already sending a teaser image of their new racer to the world.

The car is called Lamborghini LMDh Prototype and it is the second hybrid Lambo ever, after Sián. The twin-turbo V8 hybrid engine produces 681 horsepower and is developed by Lamborghini’s racing division, Squadra Corse. According to Lamborghini, this step into the hybrid hypercar class coincides with the brand’s transition to hybrid technology.

Lamborghini doesn’t do it alone

Lamborghini involved other companies for the construction of this car. For example, Bosch Motorsport supplies the electric motor and the battery comes from Williams Advanced Engineering. The hybrid gearbox comes from Xtrax and the carbon fiber parts from HP Composites. The Lamborghini LMDh Prototype is on the Ligier Automotive platform. You know them from their 45 km/h cars, but their motorsport branch drove Formula 1 for twenty years.

The car weighs 1,030 kg without fuel and the driver in it. Soon he should be able to drive on the long Le Mans circuit at a speed of 340 kilometers per hour. On June 10 and 11, the Lamborghini LMDh Prototype will appear on the starting grid at the Circuit de la Sarthe. Before we get to that point, we’re sure to get a better look at this badass car race.