A used Bentley with a W12 is now cheaper than a Volkswagen Up

A used Bentley with a W12 is now cheaper than a Volkswagen Up

The W12-powered Bentley Continental Flying Spur cost more than 300,000 euros when it debuted ex-factory in 2006. Now it’s offered as a used car for less money than the Volkswagen Up.

The small German hatchback has not been produced since the end of October, but it is still available from stock at Volkswagen from less than 21,000 euros. Please note that you can also buy a Bentley Continental Flying Spur for a little more money. The question is whether you should want that.

A dangerous event

We have told you before about the risks involved in purchasing such obsolete guns. In short: the purchase price can suddenly be controlled, but the maintenance costs are not. In fact, they are increasing for this Bentley because parts are more difficult to find, while the chance of defects increases due to age and high mileage.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur tweedehands auto 1 event
(Photo: Autowereld / Stedefra BV)

This is no different for the Bentley Continental Flying Spur with over 241,000 kilometers on the odometer. And even something as simple as replacing the spark plugs becomes an expensive task thanks to the twelve cylinders. As long as you keep driving the damaged car, you can enjoy the 560 hp and 650 Nm that the 6.0 liter W12 has to offer.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur met dorstige W12

If it’s not luxury car maintenance costs that will cause you personal bankruptcy, it’s fuel consumption. According to the manufacturer’s information, the average usage is 1 out of 5.8. Swallow! If you drive inside built-up areas, more tears will run down your cheek when refueling. Then the consumption increases to no less than 1 in 3.8. This puts the used Bentley Continental Flying Spur next to the cheapest used cars in the Netherlands.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur tweedehands auto event
(Photo: Autowereld / Stedefra BV)

However, the twelve-cylinder only thrives on the autobahn, where the Bentley effortlessly accelerates to over 300 km/h. If you keep a low profile, consumption on the highway will be reduced to 1 in 8.

Used luxury car cheaper than Volkswagen Up

As mentioned, the once expensive luxury car has depreciated significantly over the past 18 years. The seller is now asking 18,000 euros for the event. The British car has depreciated by 94 per cent, meaning it now costs less than the Volkswagen Up. However, Up will take better care of your wallet after the purchase. What? Would you like to have a German highway gun? Then check out this affordable Audi S6 now.

This large family diesel depreciated by 90,000 euros and is allowed to enter environmental zones.

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