Accident and chaos race in Norisring: Porsche wins DTM first victory – Motorsport

Accident and chaos race in Norisring: Porsche wins DTM first victory – Motorsport

– Only 11 of the 27 cars finish Norisring on Saturday. Anyone who was able to stay out of the memorable Unfall Festival was successful. Like Thomas Preining of Austria, who achieved Porsche’s first high-level achievement in DTM.

Last year, Kelvin van der Linde was aiming for a total victory at Norisring. In the first corner, however, the South African lost him. As DTM’s classification leader, he tirelessly pushed Liam Lawson, the second winner, out of the race for the title in October. And with his cunning stuck to the Grundig bend, he not only robbed the Ferrari driver of a final victory, but also himself in the final race of the season.

The Abt-Audi driver appeared to recover when he returned to Nuremberg. While Brother Sheldon, who greets from the top of the DTM table before the first decision in Monaco, Franconia, did not cross the 11th place in the first group that started in Saturday’s two qualifying rounds, Kelvin van der Linde (26) ) grabbed their positions. sixth place in the Steintribüne pillar of his DTM career. The elder of the two, apart from van der Lindes, who lives in a flat part of motorsport in Kempten, was able to calculate the profit on the road cycle. “I’m looking forward to it, with a focus on winning the race,” said the 26-year-old, who is determined to rock last year’s title drama.

However, the memory of how thin and often ugly in the bend of the Grundig hairpin was quickly revived. Porsche driver Thomas Preining, second only to graduate, missed the brakes. Meanwhile, fresh chaos erupted behind Austrian. Arrjun Meini was thrown his Mercedes by Franck Perera. Many cars were pushed into the back row. Internal hero Marco Wittmann, who was already completely dissatisfied after qualifying for the midfield position he had won, was among them. Of the 27 cars that entered the first corner, seven had already left after the first corner.

Norisring should also resemble a dilapidated yard. The carbon parts lined up regularly throughout the DTM Saturday. After the first phase of car safety things became more disciplined. Preining was recently leading and was maintaining up to the finish line. For Porsche, which is playing its first match in the DTM this season, it was the first victory where Dennis Olsen, who surpassed Audi driver René Rast at the end of the final round, even turned into a double success. In the thin hair bend, Porsche benefited particularly from the thin wheel of its vehicles.

Before this success became official, however, things were rarely created. Not between Preining and Rast, the Austrian had to pass the second one again at the same time. But in other areas of the declining field of drivers. Lamborghini driver Deledda shot Esteban Muth outside, and Lambo teammate Mirko Bortolotti jumped more violently through the race, for example when he hit Maro Engel on the back straight back. Porsche was in the front, BMW in the back. Bold preparation brought victory to the end. In the race only eleven of the 27 cars were on the road at the end of the race. After a race that has never happened in recent years due to frequent accidents. After a shocking and shocking event that gave mechanics a busy night shift until the next race on Sunday.