Aci Storico: Two Alfa Romeos and a Fiat have been added to the Watch List

Aci Storico: Two Alfa Romeos and a Fiat have been added to the Watch List

Historical aci post a new one Protection list, where it reports examples of elderly people, aged between at least 20 years and no more than 29 years, which are considered to be of real historical value. The list was created in concert by Stellantis Heritage, the Italian Alfa Romeo Registry – RIAR, the Historical Association of Automobile Enthusiasts – AAVS and a special magazine. Standard Wheels. According to many twenty year old cars still roaming along our roads, signs are very important, as they give a complete picture of the vehicles that deserve special protection.

Aci Storico: new entries for 2023

THE parameters they are not only limited by the age of a particular machine and the number of models available. In the policy followed by Aci Storico various details are also examined, including technical and manufacturing characteristics, as well as technological, aesthetic, social and industrial importance. In addition to these criteria, the institution has the right to analyze more factors, suitable for clarification special aid of a certain car.

The Defense List published by Aci Storico aims to make it available to fans and collectors a catalog to be kept under constant supervision, as it is updated regularly. A commitment made by a special unit dItalian Automobile Clubsin collaboration with its partners, it contributes to know the models and versions planned to take great importance.

FOR annual rate, the Watchlist is reviewed by models who reach the age of 20, while those who cross the 30-year mark are eliminated. The latter are deleted since the law in force in the Italian peninsula defines them as historical regardless of the record. Hence, they are entitled to tax benefits such as exemption from stamp duty.

Alfa Romeo GTV6 bullet brake releasing

So let’s go and see them a new entry for the Protection List prepared by Aci Storico: Fiat Multipla Series II, Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (series 916) II series, Alfa Romeo GT (coupé based on 147), Volkswagen New Beetle Cabrio, Porsche Cayenne, Jaguar XJ (X350 series), Audi A4 cabrio (II series), BMW 6 Series (E63/64), BMW Z4, Citroen C3 Pluriel, Mazda RX – 8 , MG TF, Smart Roadster-Coupe, Toyota Yaris T-Sport.

Source: Historical aci

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