Advantages of choosing Audi Service Audi Zentrum Cuneo –

Advantages of choosing Audi Service Audi Zentrum Cuneo –

Exclusive promotions, personal service and highly qualified technicians: here are at least three valid reasons to choose the Audi Zentrum Cuneo workshop to preserve the value of your car for many years and to be able to count on the highest quality.

Audi Service: Maintenance Plans for 40% and current promotions

Maintenance Plans, on sale for 40% until June 30, are the best personal, prepaid and fixed-price solution for maintaining your car on time. In addition, by joining by Wednesday 31 May, at Audi Service via Attilio Fontana 12 in Borgo San Dalmazzo, you can count on the convenience of another car offered free of charge. Choose the quality ofAudi service, allows you to access exclusive benefits such as those offered by myVoucher, which allows you to benefit from a discount of up to €90 during the next coupon and/or for the maintenance measures intended by the car Service Plan. With the services of Audi All Service and All Service Plus 2023, it is possible to achieve a specific intervention and buy Genuine Audi Parts and Accessories at a good price. But choose Audi service Cuneo also means being able to rely on Clear Prices, a program that ensures cost transparency for all maintenance activities, while preserving the importance of relying on the quality and experience of those who know Audi better than anyone else.

All the excellence of the Audi Service of Audi Zentrum Cuneo

by communicating withAudi service one Audi Zentrum Cuneo brand you can count on maintenance carried out according to the quality standards of the House of the Four Rings, specific to each model and essential for keeping its value unchanged over time. Technicians are ready to help the customer even in the event of an easily explained doubt. Not to mention the ease of being able to request an appointment, make live calls and go toAudi workshop directly through the Audi app. If the car needs a tune-up or an oil level check, for example, book an appointment automatically to get in touch as soon as possible directly with the specialist technicians of the Alessandria workshop.

Quality value

L’Audi workshop an officer in Cuneo works exclusively on Audi models, developing unparalleled expertise. Mechanics and coachbuilders, in addition to having the most advanced diagnostic equipment, can rely on continuous training, provided directly by the House of the Four Rings. Classroom and distance courses allowAudi service always updated on all news. While Audi Original Parts are the only ones that can guarantee efficiency and safety at the highest levels. The result of careful planning and extensive evaluation testing to achieve the highest quality standards, Audi Genuine Parts ensure perfect performance and maximum reliability. They enjoy a 24-month unlimited mileage warranty which, together with the quality of the House of the Four Rings and the technicians ofAudi workshop Zentrum Cuneo, makes them the best choice.

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