Alfa Romeo can now also run a new segment in training

Alfa Romeo can now also run a new segment in training

( – Alfa Romeo has enough spares on track from this week’s race at Silverstone to be able to run with new spares as early as Friday. Until now, most training had to start with old information, which on the one hand was not representative and on the other hand caused some reliability problems.

Alfa Romeo has had to save a bit in practice so far


That’s because Alfa Romeo didn’t have enough spares on the track and didn’t want to risk being left without new parts at the end of the week following a potential crash. At the same time, however, this problem has been solved, so that Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou can also ride with new parts in practice.

“From the next race we will be able to run the whole weekend with the same package and then everything will be easier,” declares chief race engineer Xevi Pujolar.

According to him, some incidents at the start of the season meant that resources at the factory had to be diverted. “Then you have to consider the production of spare parts for the packs we use, as well as increasing the production of new packs, which was a limitation,” he says. “Now, from Silverstone, we are already in a good position.”

With Silverstone, there is also a regular track on the program again, after three tracks where the walls are a little closer in Monaco, Baku and Montreal. That’s another reason why they didn’t want to take that risk: “We wanted to make sure we didn’t have any consequences if we got hurt Friday,” Pujolar said.

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Alfa Romeo is currently sixth in the Constructors’ Championship with 51 points but believes they can be in the middle at Silverstone behind Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.

“I don’t know if some teams will bring improvements to Silverstone, but so far I’d say we’ve been consistent on all tracks,” says Pujolar. “For the next few races we hope to challenge Alpine and McLaren at the top of the midfield and see if we can get a few more points, twice. That is our aim.”

“We are in a position where we want to be in Q3 with both cars and if that is the case then we can have a strong race against Alpine first.”