Alfa Romeo Junior (2024).  What to look for a small electric SUV?

Alfa Romeo Junior (2024). What to look for a small electric SUV?

Alfa Romeo’s future small SUV is getting more and more revealed thanks to official announcements and other hidden teasers. Discover in the overview what it should look like. This model, which may be called Junior, will be the brand’s first electric car. A small 48 V hybrid version is also planned.



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Sketch of Alfa Romeo’s future small SUV.


Alfa Romeo is currently developing a small SUV that will be placed at the entry of its range in 2024. This new model intended for the B segment (length about 4.30 m) will continue the attack that began with the launch of the Tonale. According to this, but also the model quietly published by the manufacturer, we can get a more accurate idea of ​​what it will be like.

An emerging trend

The next crossover will be with Tonale trifocal sinusoidal light signature on the four corners. The front light units look thin; between them will be Alfa Romeo’s triangular grille. The front hood should have a few pointed ribs to make it attractive, a function that can also be ensured by a discreet shoulder at the level of the rear braces.

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The Tonale model will enter the new Alfa Romeo range.

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A small SUV called Junior?

Jean-Philippe Imparato, boss of Alfa Romeo, recently announced to the Italian media that the car will not be called Brennero, contrary to some rumors. Last February, the French were handed over Controversy that the model name would repeat the past. Others are considering a return to the Mito name, especially since the car ” it will live up to the expectations of people who own Mito or Giulietta “, the manager told us. But The name Junior, also historical, is also likely to be retained. This is also the code name that Jeep Avenger wore during its development, and in the end it will give its technical part to its Italian “cousin”.

Alfa Romeo’s first electric model

The expected Alfa Romeo Junior will be based on the CMP platform of the Stellantis group, like the Peugeot 2008 among others. And like him it will be offered in a 100% electric version. This should take the 156 hp Emotors engine and the 54 kWh CATL battery that is currently working for the first time in Stellantis, with a WLTP range of about 400 km. The transalpine crossover will also be offered with a small hybrid gasoline engine; it should be a new 1.2 PureTech 136 hp cylinder and a V 48 light powerplant. Alfa Romeo’s small SUV should be delivered at the end of 2023 with the aim of going on sale in the spring of 2024. It will be produced in Tychy, Poland.

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The Jeep Avenger, nicknamed Junior during its development, is a technical cousin of Alfa Romeo’s upcoming SUV.



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