“And that for someone who does restaurant games”: Luca Brecel now also shares photos of the new Ferrari |  More Games

“And that for someone who does restaurant games”: Luca Brecel now also shares photos of the new Ferrari | More Games

Luca Brecel is new. Not by his clothes, but by his car. Brecel, as he shares on social networks, is the proud owner of a new Ferrari 488 sports car. Cost: at least 300,000 euros.

LOOK. Brecel gets into his new car

“My baby’s new ass.” With those words, the latest acquisition of girlfriend Laura Brecel was announced on Instagram. The two have already made their first attempt together. A few days ago, Brecel himself had already hinted twice at the arrival of his Ferrari. “Three days until the ‘beast’ arrives”, he wrote earlier this week. Last weekend he warned again about “noise pollution”. On Friday it finally happened. Brecel was allowed to take over his newest show. “My new four-wheeler and the one who does restaurant games!”, was heard with some mockery on Instagram.

Brecel’s love for sports cars is not new. Previously, there was already a Jaguar and a BMWi8 in his garage. In an interview with HLN, Brecel said a few years ago that he has loved it since childhood. “When I was 17 years old, I already had a $10,000 Rolex on my wrist. I grew up with expensive cars around me,” said Brecel. My manager had a Porsche Panamera. I was allowed to drive it, although I didn’t even have a driver’s license – then you know what’s coming.”

That’s the ‘beast’, as Brecel called the car on Monday. The car comes ten days after Brecel won the world snooker title in Sheffield. That may not be a coincidence either. Brecel in the same interview: “If I can buy a Lamborghini after the world title without any problems, I will.”

Prophetic words. It was not just a Lamborghini, but a Ferrari. Brecel can certainly afford his sports car. In his career, Limburger has already earned 2.1 million euros in prize money. This makes him one of the highest earners in snooker.

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Brecel already warned last week about the possibility of noise nuisance. ©Instagram

Brecel already hinted at the arrival of its new sports car on Monday. © Image News

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