Android Automotive should get a completely new design, shows a new video in detail

Android Automotive should get a completely new design, shows a new video in detail

Starting the Polestar 3 we have already seenthat Android 12L brings some important innovations to the Android Automotive lineup. But it was also obvious that the language of design was not yet new. Angular keys, basically a conservative look.

But we’ve known for a long time that Google and its partners are still up to something. Volvo is now officially showing off the new system in the EX90 in a video, possibly giving us a final look at the graphics-corrected Android Automotive of the future.

Brand new home before driving

In the video, Volvo promises that it is now easier to provide the driver with the right information and tasks at the right time. Before the trip, there is therefore a brand new start screen.

A new home screen with better graphics and a new design

In particular, the bottom menu of the home screen can change automatically, depending on the state of the car. So smart should be able to provide the right functions. It gets smarter after learning from the user.

And last but not least, there is also a modified screen behind the steering wheel. Of course, only important information about the car and the trip is displayed there.

Volvo Ex90 Android Automotive Wheel

Volvo EX90 Android Automotive in video

The videos are still unclear because there is no information about the publication

Unfortunately, we don’t know today which of these are coming directly from Volvo and which are coming from Google. But I would like, for example, that the new light theme will be available in general and therefore also in other cars. Unfortunately, I’m guessing that smart innovations in particular won’t find their way into older cars because there may be a lack of computing power.

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