Aron Canet on the fast track: first place on the grid / Moto2

Aron Canet on the fast track: first place on the grid / Moto2

For a long time it looked like a safe bet for Fermín Aldeguer in qualifying for the Moto2 class. But in the last lap the lead changed to Fantic-Kalex driver Aron Canet.

New Red Bull Ajo Celestino Vietti started the second qualifying session with some strong laps. Intermediates Jaume Masia and Diego Moreira as well as Gresini rider and former Moto3 world champion Albert Arenas did the same.

Alonso Lopez, the Boscoscuro driver, was the first to appear on the time monitors. The yellow flag caused chaos – Vietti had thrown his Kalex down.

Once the track was clear again, Portuguese winner Aron Canet took first place.
Behind the tattooed fan, Barry Baltus and the qualifier, Fermín Aldeguer, followed suit.
As in the previous sessions, the two MSI pilots, who also had a Boscoscuro chassis, showed good teamwork. Sergio Garcia led the partnership to second place, Ai Ogura to 13th place. Two minutes before the end, the expected follow-up from Aldeguer. The 18-year-old continued his lead with a 2:07.740. But – too early to rejoice: Aron Canet drove another 0.106 seconds faster to take first place on the grid from Aldeguer.

Things also went very well for the American Championship team. Joe Roberts of California will start the GP from fifth place, with teammate Marcos Ramirez behind him.

Both racers from the German Liqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP team did not make it into the Moto2 drivers’ qualifying. For MotoGP professional Binder, the reputation went completely wrong. Without a recorded time, Brad Binder’s brother also crashed out of the event. Things went better for young Senna Agius. But the Brazilian will not be happy with 22nd place overall.

Result – qualifying for Moto2
1. Aron Canet (E) Fantic 2:07.631 minutes
2. Fermin Aldeguer (E) Level SpeedUp + 0.109
3. Ai Sergio Garcia (E) MT Helmets – MSI + 0.188 sec.
4. Albert Arenas (E) Gresini +0.234
5. Joe Roberts (USA) American Race + 0,237 sec.
6. Marcos Ramirez (E) American Championship + 0,280 sec.
7. Dennis Foggia (I) Italtrans + 0.400 sec.
8. Alonso Lopez (E) Sync SpeedUp + 0,432 seconds.
9. Manuel González (E) Gresini 0.443 sec.
10. Bo Bendsneyder (NL) Pertamina 0.481 sec.
11. Tony Arbolino (I) Marc VDS 0,496 sec.
12. Barry Baltus (B) RW-Idrofoglia GP + 0,511 sec.
13. Jeremy Alcoba (E) VR46 Master Camp + 0,516 sec.
14. Jake Dixon (GB) CFMOTO + 0,650 sec.
15. Celestino Vietti (I), Red Bull Ajo, +0.680 sec.
16. Diogo Moreira (BR) Italtrans +0,734 sec.
17. Ogura (J) MT Helmets – MSI + 0,830 sec.
18. Jaume Masiá (E) Pertamina +0.881 sec.