Aston Martin upgrades Suzuka: Alonso’s new car |  CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Aston Martin upgrades Suzuka: Alonso’s new car | CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

This Aston Martin AMR24, which rolled out of the garage at Suzuka on Friday (April 5), is a semi-new car. The side shells, stretch, bottom and modified beam wing give the racing green a different look. Above all, of course, side pods. The ramp has a new look, through the tracks has a different curve, and the front part of the performance is now separated from the rest by steps.

It was a last minute move. On Friday, the new aero package was only available in a simple version in the Suzuka training. Lance Stroll drove it alone. There were logistical reasons for that. Its wrecked chassis from Jeddah could be fitted with new parts immediately at the factory. That was easier than skipping multiple tasks along the way. The second set arrived at Suzuka only on Friday.

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Team boss Mike Krack said that for comparison purposes they would have run on two tracks anyway. “We had two bad experiences last year and didn’t split during the upgrade.” Based on the results of the first day of training, a decision will be made if Fernando Alonso’s car will also have new parts or if the first version of the upgrade will be postponed by one race.

Aston Martin - Upgrade - GP Japan 2024

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On Friday at Suzuka, Lance Stroll was the only one on the road with the new package. The second set is already on the way.

Many small construction sites

The technical office at Silverstone is living up to its announcement that they want to run a stronger development program this year than last year. That’s why the team didn’t seem too worried when the top scorer of last year’s World Cup only started the new season as the fifth team.

The Aston Martins cut better figures in the first race on the qualifying circuit than on the distance. They showed improvement in fast corners, on straights and in DRS effects, but were no longer good in slow corners.

“We’re losing a little bit everywhere,” Fernando Alonso said after three races. He sees this as a good sign: “Many small construction sites are better than one big one. Then there is a risk that you have not understood something. So we have to improve a little everywhere. And we have a lot in the pipeline. .”

Aston Martin - Formel 1 - GP Japan - Suzuka - 4. April 2024


In addition to the side pods, the bottom was also completely redesigned.

No one has such ambitious plans

The Spaniard sees signs that Aston Martin is on the right track. “We brought a new front suspension in Jeddah, changes to the front wing in Melbourne and now a big aero package. In fact every race there is something new. That will give us more power and we will also make progress with the tire wear.”

Alonso concludes from the high number of hits that the Silverstone racing team is on the threshold of becoming a great team. “There is no other team in the pit that has ambitious plans like us. Today there are twice as many people working on the team as when we started. We have been working in our new state-of-the-art factory since last summer. At the end of the year the wind tunnel and simulator We are now in the middle of a race to improve that which is why we went backwards in the second half of the season.

Aston Martin is still where it left off last season, but the road map is completely different, compared to the record holder. “These are all good signs and important steps towards a winning team. And that’s why I will talk to Aston Martin first if I decide to continue.”

In the gallery we show you the new parts on Aston Martin again.