Aston Martin’s rise continues, for Krack the signs are “encouraging”

Aston Martin’s rise continues, for Krack the signs are “encouraging”

After starting the season without a name, Aston Martin continues to rise in recent races as confirmed by Mike Krack.

After testing in Bahrain last year, many were more surprised by the Aston Martin’s performance with Alonso receiving more than a few compliments during the race. “If we’ve hit this point in a few months, I don’t know where we’ll be at the end of the year.“. In fact, the progress made last year slowed Aston Martin’s pace towards Lawrence Stroll’s dream, the World Championship.

Aston Martin risalita crack Alonso
After starting the season without a name, Aston Martin’s rise continues in the last few races as confirmed by Mike Krack – Image: Aston Martin via

The situation seemed to not change even in the new year. In the first editions of 2024Actually, the team led by Mike Krack had brought in several anonymous performances which had caused the first criticism. Only ninth and tenth place in Bahrain followed by the best place between Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Krack sees positive signs for the future

In JapanInstead of, It was perhaps Aston Martin’s first successful performance, mainly thanks to Fernando Alonso. The two-time world champion actually finished sixth in what he himself described as one of the best weekends of his career.

I guess we are no longer in no man’s land“Krack said. “TO In Suzuka, despite the damage and the low chance of winning, we were able to bring home the best result. This means that we are no longer in no man’s land. We were even ahead of Mercedes so the signs are encouraging.”.

The team leader then explained the reason for the adopted strategy. “We chose to start with soft tires because we expected rain. Fortunately then there was a red flag that allowed us to change strategy. The red tire was a strategic tire given that there are usually many Safety cars and distractions at”.

Aston Martin was among the first teams to introduce the update although it is still difficult to assess the improvements. “Current machines are very complicated and for this we need time“Krack said.”We need to take a closer look at the data from the next race to quantify the benefit the new package brings“.

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