Attack on car neighbors in Almere?  Ali B’s family in fear after the night explosion

Attack on car neighbors in Almere? Ali B’s family in fear after the night explosion

It was a big shock for rapper Ali B (41) and his family, when it appears that the car attack of his neighbors took place in front of his door in Almere last weekend. The neighbor tells the story of what happened.

The neighbor’s Mercedes was completely burnt after the explosion.

The rapper himself drives a very expensive Bentley.

Ali B and his wife Breghje each live in one of the three houses in this small neighborhood.

BAli B’s residents, and it is said the rapper and his family most of all, are in turmoil! On the night from Friday to Saturday, June 3, the Mercedes caught fire in front of Ali’s house in Almere. The fire brigade had to be involved to prevent the fire from spreading further, for example to neighboring houses. What exactly happened is still being investigated by police, but the crime scene has been watched by local residents for some time. “A loud bang woke me up at five in the morning,” a local resident told Story when asked. Then I heard two more explosions. It sounded like shots were fired. I also heard the sound of a whistle, after that we looked out the window here and saw the fire. We didn’t see anyone driving or running.’ Because Ali lives in a side street with only three houses and two of them are in his name (his wife and manager Breghje would live in one of the two houses), it can be concluded that it was Ali’s car. But the rapper himself drives an exclusive and very expensive Bentley. ‘No, the car belongs to Ali’s neighbors,’ a local resident confirms. “The explosion occurred in the family’s car, where a hand grenade was also hanging on the door two years ago. You never see them.’ According to a resident of the area, Ali on his part has good communication with his close neighbors. “Ali lives well with their daughter. He immediately posted a video on his social network account: Follow my girl next door. Ali lives next door to the family. I think he doesn’t live with his wife anymore. His wife lives next door.’ Ali and his family must also have been surprised by the loud noise, the explosion and the danger of fire. However, the rapper did not want to tell Stori about it; he immediately hung up when we called him. Her managers were also asked to hear back, but the voicemail said: ‘We are currently less accessible by phone than you are used to from us, so please email us.’

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“It sounded like shots were fired…”


Ali’s much-discussed past may have played a role in his radio silence. As it is known, the rapper has been criticized for more than a year after appearing on the YouTube show ANGER it was known from the presenter Tim Hofman that he is, among other things, in his role as Dutch Voicethe coach would be guilty of sexually harassing behavior. In March this year, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced that it would prosecute Ali for sexual harassment. Three charges of rape and assault have been filed against Ali. The fourth report was dismissed because it could not be determined whether it was a criminal offence. Since ANGERAli’s announcements are rarely seen in public, if at all, let alone standing on stage or giving interviews.