Auction at the Silesian Tax Office.  Bentley was sold for 318 thousand.  zloty!

Auction at the Silesian Tax Office. Bentley was sold for 318 thousand. zloty!

We already know the results of the car auction, which took place on Wednesday at the Silesian Tax Office. It may surprise the treasure itself – the organizers estimate that as many as 200 people came from all over Poland. Before the event, 190 bid bonds were placed in the office account, and 42 bidders showed the highest activity. Thanks to the auction, the budget of the Silesian KAS increased by more than PLN 1.3 million.

Bentley and Mercedes reached high prices

As predicted by the officials, the 9-year-old child was auctioned for the highest amount Bentley Continental Flying Spur with 6.0 W12 engine. An appraiser looking at the car before the incident noted its estimated value at PLN 246,000. PLN, and the starting price was only 185 thousand. zlotys. Despite the lack of keys and the possibility to control the start of the car, the winning buyer made an offer for as much as PLN 318 thousand. zloty!

Almost half the price was sold Mercedes-Benz S 500 from the same year. Here, the auction started with the amount of PLN 74.63 thousand. PLN, and completed about 100 thousand. The “next” PLN. And although these two cars were the most expensive of the whole pool, the most popular was … the cheapest of the Mini Countryman Cooper S cars – also from 2013. Officials demanded at least 12.98 thousand zlotys for the British crossover. PLN, but in the end, despite the absence of headlights and a row of dented wheels, it was sold for 38.5 thousand. zlotys.

Cars scattered like hotcakes

Uncertain technical condition, body repair and paint identified by missing parts (several cars did not have wheels, headlights or bumpers) and in two cases the lack of documents did not disappoint buyers. The Silesia company KAS successfully auctioned all the vehicles, namely 13 cars and one motorcycle.

The cheapest turned out to be PLN 9.6 thousand. Honda VT 750C Shadow Spirit from 2012 – reached the price of 16 thousand. zlotys. tax office is certainly satisfied, because it expected income in the amount of approximately 760 thousand PLN. zlotys. At the same time, in the first auction (and the second date was also planned), all cars were sold for PLN 1.326 million!