Austin: First Moto2 win for Sergio Garcia / Moto2

Austin: First Moto2 win for Sergio Garcia / Moto2

Boscoscuro ace Sergio Garcia celebrated his first Moto2 victory at the Austin GP to take the championship lead. California’s Joe Roberts gave American fans reason to celebrate when he finished second.

With Aron Canet (Attractive Racing), Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) and Sergio Garcia (MT Helmets), the front row of the Austin GP was firmly in the hands of the Spaniards. When Canet dropped out of the top 10 at the start of the race, Garcia took the reins at the top and drove confidently to his first Moto2 win. But due to repeated mistakes in the 11th turn, the Spaniard kept the tension high until the last lap.

Despite Garcia’s mistakes, local hero Joe Roberts (USA Race) eventually managed to catch Garcia at the top and crossed the finish line in second place, 0.492 seconds back.

Fermin Aldeguer completed the top three. Canet later received a time penalty because he failed to settle the “long lap penalty” he placed three laps before the end.

With his win, Garcia leads the World Championship standings and is in first place after three races with 51 points ahead of Joe Roberts (49 points) and Alonso López (38 points).

Here’s how the Moto2 race in Austin went:

Start: Sergio Garcia wins the race into the first corner and leads Joe Roberts and Dennis Foggia. Pole-sitter Canet returns to 10th place.

Round 2: Garcia leads the field. Roberts, Foggia, Jake Dixon, Alonso López, Albert Arenas, Aldeguer, Manuel Gonzalez, Ai Ogura and Canet complete the top 10. Gonzalez receives a double long lap penalty for the early start.

Lap 3: Canet goes wide when braking in Turn 1 and loses 10th place to Jeremy Alcoba. Darryn Binder (Liqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP) crashed at the age of 15, but the South African can start the race again.

Lap 4: Aldeguer crashes into Dixon and moves into the top 5. Gonzalez completes his penalty lap and returns to 15th place.

Lap 5: Garcia leads by 0.835 seconds over Roberts and Foggia. Dixon crashed out of the race on the front wheel in Turn 1, handing 6th place to Canet. Gonzalez runs his second penalty lap and moves back up to 19th.

Round 6: Aldeguer fights back against his teammate López, but the Spaniard lands an immediate kick from the slide. Aldeguer braked and passed López again in the final corner.
Lap 7: López and Aldeguer battle hard, losing time to third-placed Dennis Foggia.

Lap 8: Aldeguer consolidates 4th place and chases Foggia again (3rd place). Garcia extends his lead to 1.416 seconds.

Lap 9: Canet makes a mistake at the turning corner, where the Spaniard is forced to hold his ground against Ai Ogura.

Lap 10: Local hero Roberts remains in second place, but Foggia and Aldeguer increase the pressure on the Californian.

Round 11: Canet has to defend in the sixth against Ramirez, Ogura and Alcoba. Aldeguer passes Foggia on the inside at turn 11 and is now chasing Roberts (second).

Lap 12: Garcia leads by 2.9 seconds ahead of Roberts, Aldeguer, Foggia and López. Canet returns to 9th place – Ramirez new sixth. Garcia loses almost 1.5 seconds due to a mistake in Turn 11, which brings Roberts closer to the leader again.

Lap 13: Roberts also braked in turn 11, allowing Aldeguer to pass into second place. This mistake gave Garcia a breathing space at the front, the Spaniard was back in the lead by 2.3 seconds.

Lap 14: Canet receives a “long lap penalty” for shorting in lap 9. Roberts pushes ahead of Aldeguer in turn 19 and regains second place.

Final lap: Garcia (MT Helmets – MSI) saves his first Moto2 win for last. Roberts celebrates his second podium finish of the season on home soil, while Aldeguer completes the podium. Pole man Canet just crossed the finish line in ninth place.

Moto2 Austin Results (April 14):

1. Garcia, Boscoscuro, 16 Rdn in 35:45,107 minutes
2. Roberts, Kalex, + 0,492 sec
3. Aldeguer, Boscoscuro, + 3,293
4. López, Boscoscuro, +6,967
5. Ramirez, Kalex, + 7,102
6. Foggia, Kalex, + 7,150
7. Ogura, Boscoscuro, + 9,869
8. Alcoba, Kalex, +10,036
9. Canet, Kalex, + 10,608
10. Vietti, Kalex, + 12,751
11. Arbolino, Kalex, +13,229
12. Arenas, Kalex, + 14,734
13. Gonzalez, Kalex, + 17,509
14. Moreira, Kalex, +17,959
15. Salac, Kalex, + 17,994
16. Baltus, Kalex, + 18,618
17. Agius, Kalex, + 19,460
18. Bendsneyder, Kalex, +26,351
19. Masia, Kalex, + 29,786
20. Guevara, Forward, + 33,210