Baby Oliver / IDM’s Superbike arrived on time for the Mercado test

Baby Oliver / IDM’s Superbike arrived on time for the Mercado test

Leandro “Tati” Mercado was at the test at Le Mans and then headed home to be a father. The ride will soon return to France for the start of the World Endurance Championship.

“It works for you,” is what you can say for now about Leandro Mercado. After tests with Weber-Kawasaki (IDM) in Spain and Viltais-Honda (EWC) in Le Mans, their son Oliver was born last Saturday. Judging by the photos, the new parents and their children, who were born in the Italian racing town of Imola, are doing well.

Compliments also came from Mercado’s IDM team boss Emil Weber, for whose team Mercado is once again competing in IDM Superbike with Kawasaki. Weber himself was not present at the test in Valencia. Johann Flammann, the team’s second driver, will not be involved until April. “Many things were tried in Spain,” reports Weber. The biggest changes concern the chassis, because after a year with Wilbers components, the team around the former World Cup driver switched to the manufacturer Öhlins.

“You’ve already developed a good foundation,” reports Weber. “We also tested a lot with the clutch and the electronics. Because of the long travel time, we also collected a lot of dates. The BMWs were of course very strong, as were the Hondas. It was not quite enough for the times of Patrick Hobelsberger and Florian Alt, but otherwise we are on the same level.” Another round of testing is planned before the IDM starts at the Sachsenring in early May.

“Kurt Stückle built a few good bikes over the winter,” reports Weber of his tech boss. “The IDM emergency motorcycle will be ready in April.” There are also staff changes in data recording. Last year, Wilbers employee Burkhard Stember was still at the start at Weber-Kawasaki. But after leaving Wilbers, the Frenchman Dylan Seyve, who was also in Valencia, now takes the role.

At Mercado’s house, Baby Oliver is now in charge. From here we say congratulations and all the best for the new phase of your life.