Better than Tesla?  Attack of Xiaomi and BYD

Better than Tesla? Attack of Xiaomi and BYD

Official sales of the SU7 electric car from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi began on March 28. On the first day alone, 88,898 orders were received, which greatly exceeded the estimates of experts. No wonder: the design is attractive and the style and features of the software are second to none. “The whole digital system is important for Xiaomi. “Tesla was not designed to be comprehensive,” said car expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer. So is Xiaomi’s biggest competition for Tesla? And what exactly does BYD do?

With Xiaomi and Huawei, two smartphone manufacturers have entered the e-mobility market, which puts BYD under pressure. Tesla has also been struggling recently; sales in the first quarter were unconvincing. Reason enough for DER AKTIONÄR to take a closer look at the new e-mobility player Xiaomi and explore its potential. Is Xiaomi better than Tesla? Read now in new edition of DER AKTIONÄR (p. 46).


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