Big party sessions at KUM: finally laughing, dancing and singing again!

Big party sessions at KUM: finally laughing, dancing and singing again!

Bruchmühlbach-Miesau.It was very nice! Dance, talk, sing! Carnival triathlon! After three years of abstinence, the pride meetings of the Miesau Carnival Union (KUM) were held again at the weekend. Somehow familiar, but also somehow completely new. For two evenings TuF was filled with pregnant guests. You were not disappointed!

The Bambini dance troupe was able to smell the air of the big stage like a duck for the first time. The youth guard of KUM decided to do a dance show this time and showed how to cook ratatouille with great joy. The mixed guards, Tanzmariechen Sophia Westrich and the Prince Guard with their show dance (looking for Elwetritschen in the Palatinate Forest) enthusiastically demonstrated the acrobatics, athleticism and creativity that earned them the titles of Palatinate champions. But also Tanzmariechen Fenja Rummler and Jasmin Ohliger, the dance couple Hope Billings/Valentino Bizuga, the Little Guard and the Prince Guard Dance impressed with their high-quality performances.
Music and singing groups, on Fridays Humbabuwe, AKK from Vogelbach and KUM-Band, Saturdays Frohsinnskrätzjer from St. Ingbert and again AKK with their very appropriate slogan “sound and cool” ensured a relaxed atmosphere in the hall. .
It’s interesting again and again: the handmade speakers, which seem to be able to make the audience laugh effortlessly and burn more than any stand-up comedian. KUM would like to thank the duo Biscuit (Ralph Gerhard and Manuel Distler, who as two old women talked about their vacation), Rainer Unfall (Jochen Klein as the local hero, who unfortunately is still available on the marriage market), Allerschenscht. (Heike Försch, who now cleans the town hall of Zweibrücken and finds little resistance from the workers there), the farmer Sepp (Tobias Palz, he is also still looking for a lover, although his mother helps him), de Maddin (Martin Berberich, clean. jokes) and de Lappeduddel (Julian Hunziker, no one can speak Italian and Polish better) who all made the trip to KUM despite the unexpected snow.
The party always has more than 100 people working on stage who enjoy applause and praise, but more importantly are more than 100 assistants in front of and behind the stage, in the basement or who work towards this day throughout the year, such as. coaches and organizers. The party thanks them all, because without them there would be no event.
Thanks also go to the band “The Vikings”, who skillfully adapted to the stage actions, and to the president of the youth session Lisa-Marie Franz. Despite the Corona break, he led the evening casually and with humor and also did not let himself down. annoyed by program changes that sometimes arrive every minute.
Last but not least, KUM thanks the audience. Laughter and applause are recognized for all efforts. Freely adapted from Katja Ebstein: “You clap for us, we give everything for you. And laugh and dance for you! p.s

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