BMW i7 Defense: The first electric car with armor

BMW i7 Defense: The first electric car with armor

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Of: Marcus Effler

Armored limousines protect the powerful and rich. BMW will soon release the first electric car.

Munich – Armored limousines for heads of state as well as politicians and senior executives in danger of extinction: Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the “Beast” of the President of the United States, or the bulletproof S-Class from Mercedes. The competitor BMW, on the other hand, has recently been reluctant to offer sedans with high protection classes of old works: the SUV X5 is currently available as a protection version, but not 7 series. Customers tend to be private traders who feel more vulnerable than representatives of states and large companies.

i7 for G7: At the meeting of politicians in Schloss Elmau, the i7 was on the road without weapons. ©BMW

BMW i7 Defense: The first electric car with armor

But now the Bavarians are stepping on the gas in this area, the best: electricity. Because the battery version of the next 7 series, which will start at the end of the year, should be the first electric car with factory weapons. (US President Joe Biden may also consider an electric car for his official vehicle.)

Defense of the BMW i7: Politicians were already allowed to drive in an electric sedan

The new i7 was already on the heads of the heads of state and their peers G7 meeting at Schloss Elmau available, but still as a standard version. It is not yet known how the armor is made and to what extent the significantly increased weight reduces the range of the electric luxury car, which is not light anyway. In general, however, all producers and converts in this industry are very reluctant to provide information, after all, potential attackers should not know any details.

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With the i7 Protection, however, it can be assumed that it offers at least the security of the armored X5: It withstands machine gun fire and side explosive charges with up to 15 kg of TNT.