BMW in Poland more popular than ever.  What are the best selling types?

BMW in Poland more popular than ever. What are the best selling types?

Never in history have Poles bought so many new BMWs as last year: from January to December 2021, 23,000 cars were registered in our country. 964 copies of the Bavarian manufacturer. This is equivalent to 31 percent. more than in 2020. Therefore, BMW got the highest position on the first class platform, ahead of the second class. Mercedes in the amount of 4403 pieces. In the list of all brands, BMW was ranked 6th. In the face of such challenges, such as the difficulty of obtaining semiconductors (which gave a hard time to many rivals) or the difficult business conditions of some industries caused by this disaster, the success is amazing.

They are most famous on the Vistula River series 3 (pcs 4084), X3 (3389), X5 (2632), series 5 (2468), no series 1 (2276). The latter is the most famous model of the compact BMW family to which they also belong X1 and X2 (a total of 2,538 items), or series 2 Gran Coupe (1364) – these cars were sold to us more than twice in 2020, and as representatives of BMW Group Poland emphasize, they were usually chosen by people for whom this is the first BMW in their life.

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How much Poles like to enjoy the company’s “Joy of Driving” is shown by the incredible popularity of sports cars of the M category – the number of registrations increased by 41 percent. Every year! In the luxury car segment, BMW can also boast 648 copies X7 and 334 pieces series 8which places these examples ahead of their classes.

For the results mentioned above, 23 thousand. With 964 BMW vehicles, 2,628 new MINI registrations were added. The British brand owned by the BMW Group achieved a 26 percent better sales result than the previous year. Here, the Countryman model (748 registrations) was the most popular. An interesting fact is also the 31% increase in the registration of the most powerful models under the sign John Cooper Works (copy 317). Time MINI with sunroof in 2021, it was decided by about 57 percent. more customers than the previous year.

BMW dealership in Poland – 10 new MINI and five BMW dealers

The cult brand expects to grow even more in 2022: the network of Polish dealers will be expanded to 26 points, then there will be 10 more of them than at the beginning of 2021. In turn, 36 BMW showrooms that are now running will be connected. for five new items.

Fully electric models are also clearly growing in popularity: BMW had 450 BEV registrations (120% increase) and MINI 140. Surprisingly, the model sold since 2013 is still the leader here i3but many customers are already waiting for one of the more games i4which will soon be on the way. Confusion iXwhich only reached showrooms by the end of the year, recorded up to 40 registrations in December alone.

Among BMW “PHEVs” can boast a 63% increase: 1,087 plug-in hybrids were sold, while MINI found 180 buyers for it. Citizen and this type of car.

Two-wheelers should also not be forgotten: BMW Motorrad with 2,286 new motorcycles on Polish roads in 2021 can boast a 30% increase.

BMW sales in Poland – quadrupled in 10 years

In only 10 years, BMW has managed to increase its car sales in Poland four times. Behind this success are, among others, the activities of the leasing and financing companies of the BMW Group (BMW Financial Services) and fleet management (Alphabeti). Currently, about 42 percent of BMW buyers use “factory bank” financing products, in the case of MINI it is up to 56 percent.

In the coming year, BMW’s electric portfolio will also be expanded to include fully electric ones. i7 and X1. Any day, new ones will also arrive in the showrooms Tourer’s second half and coupethis year we will also know the new 7 series. Production of the sports SUV begins XM scheduled at the end of the year.