BMW M 1000 XR for 2024: Touring with M-Power

BMW M 1000 XR for 2024: Touring with M-Power

In early 2019, Bayerische Motoren Werke had naming rights for the M-type on two protected wheels. Especially sports cars from BMW have been marked with the motorsport M since 1972. After BMW Motorrad initially moved in this direction under the motto High Performance, or HP for short, high-performance bikes have been given the new M name. More power, faster, and lighter than the corresponding standard version, these are the essential contents of the factory-assembled M package.

BMW M 1000 RR from 2021, BMW M 1000 R from 2023

Obviously, the superbike BMW M 1000 RR based on the S 1000 RR started in 2021. The second version of the M 1000 RR has been available since 2023 – and the second M model, the “naked bike” M 1000 R based on the S 1000 R.

BMW M 1000 XR from 2024 with 210 hp

A third M model should be available by the 2024 season at the latest: the M 1000 XR based on the high-powered browser or crossover concept S 1000 XR. In this case, too, the base M will be a more complex version of the 1000 series four-cylinder engine. As a naked bike M 1000 R with up to 210 hp (154 kW) at 13,750 rpm and 113 Nm at 11,100 rpm. Higher compression, 13.3 instead of 12.5 to one, 16 titanium valves, and, on top of that, variable camshaft control called Shift Cam, which changes to a second profile, more aggressive at 9,000 rpm.

In this way, a difficult balancing act is achieved in the usual conflict of goals between strong acceleration and extremely high performance. This modification is usually combined with an Akrapovic exhaust system that is at least made of titanium – with a catalytic converter, silencer, and street legal. Compared to the S 1000 XR, which has a rated output of 165 hp, this will mean a significant output increase of 45 hp.

Better and lighter M parts for XR

The chassis of the M 1000 XR will not be exactly the same, but in the same principle as that of the M 1000 R. Based on the S 1000 XR, that is, with its aluminum bridge frame, aluminum rear wheel swing arm, telescopic fork low and plenty of spring travel of 150 mm. The high-end M is an adjustable and electronically controlled chassis with Dynamic Diffusion Control (DDC) of the fork and spring coil.

It is not yet known which distributor will be used for this. In any case, the M 1000 R is not Öhlins, but Marzocchi. And the amazing blue anodized M calipers are not from Brembo, but from Nissin.

These features will probably also be transferred to the M 1000 XR in this way. The 17-inch wheels will probably be forged aluminum versions. It is doubtful if the lighter carbon wheels will also be available for the XR with the two-seater. The lithium battery is more likely, it weighs 1 kg instead of 5 kg.

Around 220 kg can be expected

Less than 200 kg like the RR and R, each ready to drive, ie with fuel in the tank, that will not be possible with the XR concept with its 20-liter petrol tank and the comfort of two people with the matching rear design. The XR in M ​​trim will certainly shed some of the standard 226kg, but less than 220kg can be expected.

280 km/h top speed with wings

Also expected: 280 km/h top speed, as with the undisguised M 1000 R. In other words, almost 30 km/h faster than the current S 1000 XR with 165 hp. In addition, BMW will serve modern wings, i.e. side spoilers on the front panel. By bringing down power stability at high speeds and with the prestige of M. Designer Kar Lee has already put wings on his M 1000 XR network.

M 1000 XR for 25,000 euros

And the color monitor will not only have a large M on the start screen, but also various functions for motor sports such as Launch Control or a timer. The official launch of this BMW invention can be expected at the end of 2023 at the latest, it will probably be on the market in the summer of 2024 – and it will cost more than 20,000 euros. BMW currently calls the S 1000 R for 16,000 euros, the S 1000 XR for 18,650 euros – and the M package for 21,405 euros. And the M 1000 R is available for 22,600 euros. Extrapolated from these prices, the M 1000 XR should cost around 25,000 euros.

Digital Designer Kar Lee Imagines BMW M 1000 XR

BMW Motorsport colors

Despite the motorsport decoration in white, blue, violet, and red that has long been M-typical, the M 1000 XR will be the first M motorcycle where BMW has to make compromises. Wind protection, pillion passenger, comfort, or even a jacket, are things that are difficult or not at all to consider with RR and R. But even the XR level on the S 1000 platform proves that the combination of sports and touring can be successful at the level of above – in the true sense of the word. In addition, it will go further: BMW has also protected the M 1300 GS brand.


A logical step that is also evident on the schedule is the M 1000 XR from BMW. MOTORRAD expects them by 2024 at the latest. And architect Kar Lee showed us April 2023, at least, according to his thoughts and ours. When the M 1000 XR comes, based on the successful concept of the S 1000 XR, it will most likely have 210 hp and around 220 kg. For example, BMW has already created the M 1000 R for 2023 on the basis of the S 1000 R.