Boom Nissan, the favorite SUV is brand new: everyone wants it in that color

Boom Nissan, the favorite SUV is brand new: everyone wants it in that color

The iconic Nissan SUV gets a new look inspired by its glorious past. All information about the model and new features

Coming from Japan another Sport Utility vehicle. This is not a new car, but a modification of a model that once reached the hearts of supercar fans. There is nothing exciting, therefore, if not for one condition. Return to nature in aesthetics.

Nissan launches its new SUV –

It was first launched in 2010, at that time it was something completely new as it represented the forerunner of the B-SUVs that would soon invade our roads. Presented in a new version at the Milan Marathon event, it surprised everyone with a different feature.

We are referring to the new Nissan Juke. For the new generation of its flagship SUV, the Japanese manufacturer he wanted to paint the bodywork yellow, taking the sound that had represented one of the reasons for the car’s success. In response to customer requests, Nissan has thus brought back the tradition albeit in a modern key by adopting a shade lighter than before and contrasting with the black of the roof, mirrors, front grille, pillars and wheel arches.

Nissan, what the new Juke looks like

Opening the door of the new Juke you see immediately some investment in technology with a 12.3-inch screen dedicated to infotainment and floating 8° towards the driver, to facilitate navigation. Graphics have been updated and made simpler and more intuitive, with steering wheel recognition now more efficient. There is also no lack of connectivity thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, both wireless. Among the available information, including maps, fuel consumption, tire pressure, data on the audio system and, if desired, video content can be used by connecting devices with a USB cable, but only when the car is stationary.

They also choose a dialect N-Sport, yellow is also present on the instrument panel finishes, on the lower part of the display and on the air vents. Also in this version, the seats have a quilted and upright base, with yellow Alcantara inserts in the upper area.

Nissan Juke has an engine price
The Nissan Juke SUV returns in an attractive shade of yellow (Nissan)

For offers N-Connecta, N-Design and Tekna, fabrics have been renewed and become more valuable, in the last case with a touch of extra sports. The glove compartment now holds 7.8 liters and the rest area has been raised. The first two trim levels are equipped with five-spoke wheels as standard. If you choose the top of the range you can have the 19 inch ones. Among the driving assistance systems includes lane keeping, rear view camera, heavy braking warning and overhead view.

Under the hood we find hybrid power with a 94 hp engine and 148 Nm torque for the combustion part. The electric one, on the other hand, has 49 hp and a torque of 205 Nm. The liquid-cooled battery is 1.2 kWh, and a multi-mode gearbox. Interestingly, a fully electric unit produces 25% more energy than a heating one, so if you’re going around town you can easily keep up with zero emissions..

The DIG-T version is instead characterized by a 1.0-liter turbocharged cylinder capable of producing up to 114 hp and a torque of 180 Nm. There are three driving modes: Eco, Standard and Sport. Six-speed manual gearbox or two-speed manual gearbox. Costs start at 25 thousand entry-level euros up to 26,800 euros for the N-Connecta, while all other trim levels start from 28.600 euros.