Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) – problems, versions, prices

Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) – problems, versions, prices

The Volvo V70 is already out of production in 2016, but it is still a popular event. Many spaces and cultural structure, of a straight line correspond to a timeless, fresh image. But we cannot call Volvo V70 / XC70 without problems at all.

When you drive an old Mercedes or BMW, your environment often gives the impression that you have something to express. The image of rude taxi drivers, shady contractors and other vicious forms seems to be rooted in their DNA. But surprisingly, with the old Volvo you can always and everywhere pull. To a large extent, there is a regular joker who asks if you have now bought a labrador.

Recent Generation V70 / XC70 (2007-2016)

The Volvo V70 also has a strong reputation in the technical field, but such an old Swede is no fault. So even with such a pure Volvo V70 / XC70 you can’t always rely on the seller’s blue eyes.

Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices

Sold a little Volvo V70 (2007-2016)?

For many years, the Volvo V70 was the largest commercial vehicle in the Netherlands. If you add XC70 numbers, the contrast and competition becomes even greater. In 2008, the first full year of the new model sales, nearly 4000 Dutch people came out of the exhibition room with the new Volvo V70. None of the competitors (Audi A6 Avant, Mercedes E-class Estate, BMW 5-series Touring) are approaching. Due to the financial crisis, interest rates declined after 2008, to around 3,500 units. In 2011 there was a revival for more than 4500 cars. These were in large part because of the V70 1.6D Park, an additional suitable diesel. After 2012 (about 3500 copies sold) the V70 candle was slowly extinguished. With the arrival of the Volvo V90 and V90 Cross Country, work on the V70 and XC70 was completed in 2017.

Volvo V70 alternatives – what are the versions?

The Volvo V70 III has been available with many hardware and engine packages. The five-cylinder is a fan favorite, but the V70 is also sold with four- and six-cylinder engines. And then of course you have a Volvo XC70, which is 6 inches high on its wheels. Basically, the ‘Country Cross’ has a body similar to the V70, but with harder embellishments. Technically, the similarity between the V70 and XC70 is good. Most XC70s have an AWD, or four-wheel drive. The Volvo V70 and XC70 of this generation were at the forefront of security. They have been available for monitoring and assistance to track blind spot since 2007.

Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices
Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices

Volvo V70 / XC70 engine versions

  • Petrol
  • 1.6 (hp 180)
  • 2.0 (145-191-202-240-245 hp)
  • 2.4 (hp 140-170)
  • 2.5 (hp 200-231)
  • 3.0 (305 hp)
  • 3.2 (hp 238–243)
  • Diesel
  • 1.6 (109-115-120 hp)
  • 2.0 (136-150-163-181 hp)
  • 2.4 (126-163-175-185-205-215 hp)

    The Volvo V70 is spacious, but not economical

    With space and comfort, you have come to the right place using the Volvo V70. Not the most logical choice for low consumption. The four-cylinder diesel from the V70 1.6D Park is one of the few exceptions. However you do not want to; 109 hp power is below the driving pleasure limit and engine noise leaves something to be desired. Then better go for a two-liter Volvo diesel on the V70 D2 (from 2015, 120 hp).

    Which V70 has a five-cylinder engine?

    It can go a long way in checking all variants of one engine after another, but to avoid confusion, we will mention a few. For example, the 2.5T is a five-cylinder, but the T5 (from 2010) has a two-liter four-cylinder bottom hood. In D3 and D4, five more pistols stamped up and down between 2010 and 2013. After that, these versions also received four cylinders. 2.4 (diesel) or 2.5 liter (petrol) engines are always blessed with five-in-line. Volvo VX and XC70 VVs with more engines have a six-cylinder line engine on the nose.

    Volvo V70 equipment

    The discounted standards that Volvo V70 has always been available for are – in the luxury setting – Kinetic, Momentum and Summum. There were also all sorts of special offers, including Ocean Race and Nordic. Alternatively, you can import V70 and XC70 with a number of packages. The most popular were Line Estate (roof rails, standard control) and Family Line. Those who love sports models should look for the R design.

    Surveillance V70 and XC70 in 2011 and 2013

    In 2011, Volvo thought it was time to launch the first V70 / XC70. The nose received new headlights and a modified bumper. Internally, the most important change was the arrival of the Sensus infotainment system. The removable screen at the top of the dashboard created a static display in the center dashboard. In the technical field, the extra power and reduction of 1.6D and D5 engine usage jumped out; the diesel entry rate was raised from 109 to 115 hp and the higher version from now did not give 205, but 215 hp.

    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices
    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices

    In facelift number two (2013), Volvo delivered the V70 with a wide grille and an adjustable front bumper. The rear lights got a different layout and Volvo pasted a piece of chrome on the back gate. Volvo cut off cylinders and diesel D3 and D4, but power increased. With D3 from 136 to 150 hp and with D4 from 163 to 181 hp.

    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices
    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices

    Problems with Volvo V70 / XC70 – what should you focus on?

    One version of the Volvo V70 engine that we certainly do not recommend is the 1.6D mentioned above. This diesel produced by PSA is known for its hypersensitivity to internal contaminants, causing expensive turbo and injection problems. Volvo diesel itself (all four- and five-cylinder) is more stable, but defective injections also occur here (especially D5). If the engine makes a lot of knocking noise and suffers from power loss, there may be an issue of variable timing.

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    Common Volvo Diesel Problems

    Another common problem with the D5 is the failing camshaft sensor, due to cable disconnection. This causes the engine to work in shock, or it may even stop. Additionally, for all diesel fuel, diesel fuel can be absorbed into the engine oil when the soot filter is refreshed. This has a detrimental effect on lubrication. By changing the oil on time, you can prevent problems.

    A five-cylinder gasoline engine that blows happily does not suffer from joie de vivre overdose, but from crankcase respiratory failure. If the sound disappears when you remove the oil dipstick, it is bingo. Then the engine probably still has an old crankcase tin respirator tin hose. It’s time to visit the seminar for updates.

    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices
    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices

    Certainly in the early days, the Volvo V70 / XC70 automatic gearboxes were not a model of civilization. But still: if the shift is too much lump, we would look further. Although it can sometimes help rinse the bowl. Another problem, especially with the early V70 and third-generation XC70, is the steering gear that is subject to wear. Do you hear the noise when you turn the steering wheel when the car is stopped? Thank the seller for the coffee and look elsewhere, or negotiate with the new wheel.

    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices

    From approximately 150,000 miles, most V70 and XC70 require new customized rubber, but do not cost a major prize. Poor air conditioning or faulty steering knobs can cost a lot of money. So, check before you buy. This also applies to window controls.

    Pay more attention to V70 and XC70 and AWD

    With a Volvo V70 and an AWD VC V70, consider if the deepest sound is heard between 60 and 90 km / h. If so, then the rear bearings are probably exhausted. Adjustment or replacement is the only solution. That is not cheap. Je! do you see during the test drive with the Volvo XC70 that the car pulls right? It can knock; is a common XC70 disease that is almost completely incurable.

    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices
    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices

    How much does a good Volvo V70 / XC70 (2007-2016) car cost?

    If you are not afraid of mileage, you can start from around 4500 euros Volvo V70 III logo. If you prefer a car with a maximum of two tons per hour, then rely on the starting price of approximately eight main V4s / XC70 for four cylinders from 2008. The Volvo V70 2.5T five-cylinder of the same age costs only 9,500 euros. . With the Volvo V70 and a five-cylinder gasoline engine from after 2011, you will lose 14 to 16 mille. Diesel is more versatile and often cheaper. But is it still worth buying diesel? In addition, most diesel V70 and XC70 have already run more than 200,000 miles.

    Buying advice used Volvo V70 (2007-2016) - problems, versions, prices

    From only 20,000 euros you have a Volvo V70 / XC70 from the last lift surface† For the same amount we would need a warranty of at least six months as well as a complete maintenance history. Do you like the tough XC70 look? Understandably, but keep in mind that softroader is not only more expensive to buy, but also to use. It is heavy, thirsty and AWD technology (usually available) requires further maintenance.