Canceled flights by British Airways.  The government orders the introduction of realistic timetables

Canceled flights by British Airways. The government orders the introduction of realistic timetables

As usual, at the beginning of the summer holidays, the airports are full, because summer air travel is very popular. Airlines, however, are facing labor shortages following the pandemic, with workers on strike demanding higher wages after lower wages during the lockdown. All this leads to mass cancellations and air paralysis over Europe.

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UK airports have a problem

Last month, London Heathrow Airport faced massive chaos. Hundreds of passengers were stuck in long lines searching for their bags, and pictures of piles of unloaded luggage went viral on social media. Other travelers had to leave their belongings behind. Meanwhile, airlines began canceling flights en masse.

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Airports across the UK and the UK are facing staff shortages. Gatwick Airport said it would reduce flights in July (from 900 to 825) and August (from 900 to 850) due to staff shortages. In turn, EasyJet airlines announced that it would reduce the number of flights by seven percent. of 160 thousand arranged between July and September. British Airways also announced a reduction in the number of flights on Tuesday.

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British Airways is canceling flights during the holiday season

– Since the entire aviation industry is still facing the most difficult period in its history, unfortunately it has become necessary to make further cuts. We are contacting customers to apologize and offer them the chance to reserve or receive a full refund, said a British Airways spokesperson. he was quoted by Reuters.

The airline has changed its May statement, according to the agency. Then it was promised that from April to October, 10 percent will decrease. bird. According to new announcements, British Airways is due to cancel 11 percent of your courses.

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Crisis in the aviation industry. The UK government is advising the airline

The Telegraph reportsthat there are 650 canceled flights from London Heathrow and Gatwick airports, among others to popular holiday destinations including Spain, Portugal and Greece. Such changes could affect up to 105,000 commuters.

Reducing the number of connections is expected to kill congestion at airports in June. Last week, even the British government wanted this, which asked the airlines to prepare in time holiday “actual flight schedules” to avoid a repeat of last month.