car games |  Patience |  With WTR and Acura, Andretti is targeting the 24 Hours of Le Mans

car games | Patience | With WTR and Acura, Andretti is targeting the 24 Hours of Le Mans

This weekend will take place at the 24 Hours of Daytona, known by the trade name Rolex 24. Acura hit hard in qualifying for a good position for Meyer Shank Racing thanks to Tom Blomqvist, one of Simon Pagenaud’s teammates.

Another Acura ARX-06 from GTP, the American name for LMDhs in the IMSA category, is entered by Wayne Taylor Racing (WTR) and Andretti Autosport. And the arrival this year of Michael Andretti as a partner seems to change the goals of the team.

Initially, we didn’t know if Acura would want to take the plunge and come to the 24 Hours of Le Mans and in the WEC, to compete against the LMDh and Hypercar models. Finally, Andretti reveals that his goal, with the F1 factory installed in Europe, is to dedicate himself to the legendary Sarthe event.

“It’s not a secret either. We will have a satellite station in Europe” Andretti said. “We already have one that we are starting and it will be bigger. And one of the goals is we hope to have a WEC team in the next few years.”

WTR needed strengthening of LMDh

Wayne Taylor recounted the beginning of the relationship with Andretti, driven mostly by the high demand for LMDh prototype workers. These more difficult machines prompted him to accept the proposal to strengthen Andretti.

“It started at the beginning of the year, Michael and I started talking and it became evident when we came to test here, the first test where I think we had 91 people around the car. Taylor said.

“I was walking around the pits wondering what I’m going to do here, we need to take it to the highest level, I called Michael and said I think I’m ready to do this partnership. Michael and JF and Rob jumped in. And we managed to get there.”

“To be able to compete with Ganassi, Penske and all the other guys, we felt we had to partner with someone who could bring a lot to the table.”

“Even though we’ve been in racing longer than they have, they have great assets that will help us with people, technology and so on. And, and so far, that’s been great working with Michael and others, and. I’m very excited about the day long-term future.”