Carlos Sainz is looking for work: talks with all teams / Formula 1

Carlos Sainz is looking for work: talks with all teams / Formula 1

Ferrari star Carlos Sainz knows he will no longer be with the Reds next year. The job search continues, as he confirms in the Suzuka paddock. And he insists: He wants to end this sooner rather than later.

A bomb dropped before the first Grand Prix of the season: Lewis Hamilton announced his departure from Mercedes after the 2024 season And the seven-time world champion also confirmed his destination. Ferrari can expect a popular reinforcement next year. Carlos Sainz is left behind, having to leave his cockpit for the 103-time GP winner.

The Spaniard proved his strength in the first race of the year: in Bahrain he finished third, and in the second race of the season in Saudi Arabia he showed his fighting spirit by competing in both sessions on Friday, although it was obvious. for him it went wrong. On Saturday he finally had to have his swollen appendix removed. He returned to the field on race Sunday – and was with his team when his replacement Oliver Bearman put in a good performance.

In Melbourne, Sainz insisted on stepping on the gas again. And even though he wasn’t able to train as usual before the race weekend in Australia, he won. He recommended himself again to those teams who are looking for a strong driver for 2025. The search for the job is already underway, as Sainz confirmed in the Suzuka paddock.

“My management team and I are talking to a few teams, we have to, because I don’t have a job for next year yet. But I don’t have any news to announce about this yet. All I can say is that it’s time to speed things up a little bit because I hope we get this resolved sooner rather than later ,” said the 29-year-old player from Madrid, who does not expect an easy game in Japan.

“This weekend will definitely be a challenge,” predicted Sanz. “I think this was one of the most difficult places for us last year, if I remember correctly, we were seven or eight places behind the Red Bull Racing a few months ago.”