Cheap used cars with no tax are average cars

Cheap used cars with no tax are average cars

Last week the news came out that more and more old cars are being sold in the Netherlands. We also know which style is most popular. Autovisie is looking for a moderate style. We get a cheap used car with no tax.

If we look at the RDW registration statistics, we see that almost 15,000 Volkswagen Beetles are registered (built before 1980). By number this is a classic classic car.

Average standard car

Most of them are blue in color. That’s also a color that, according to CBS, is commonly found on all vintage cars. The average age of a typical car in the Netherlands is 53 years. In short, we are looking for a blue Volkswagen Beetle built in 1971.

The cheapest used tax-free car is a mid-size classic car, the Volkswagen Beetle,
(Photo: Auto Song)

Amazingly, there are five used cars that meet our criteria. We find a copy in Uden in Brabant which looks very good in the picture. The body color is light blue and the inside is red. A roof rack is placed on the roof of a classic car with skis attached to the back.

Used car technology

Behind the rear seat is an air-cooled 1.3-liter four-cylinder boxer engine that drives the rear wheels. The power source provides 44 hp. That’s not much, but the old man weighs only 720 kg. The maximum speed of the Volkswagen Beetle is 130 kilometers per hour.

The technology is simple, but the car is also very old. So remember that sometimes something can break. This event has definitely been played a lot.

The distance of 1,834 km is not the only thing this car has driven. RDW indicates that the position is not logical. A new meter box may have been installed or the meter may have been reset during restoration. We see this more often with older versions that have been fully overhauled and are therefore not an immediate red flag. Looking for a used car? Then it’s important to have someone knowledgeable check the car. Especially if it’s old.

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Although this tax-free road car is the average old one in the Netherlands. It’s a great affordable classic. The price tag is 11.950 euros.

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