Chinese doctor: no updates for McLaren, we are aiming for Miami –

Chinese doctor: no updates for McLaren, we are aiming for Miami –

For the Chinese doctor McLaren will not bring any updates; the first innovation package was approved for the following Miami GP.

McLaren started on the so-called right foot in the 2024 world championship, but for an update we will have to wait for the Miami GP and not that of China. The Woking team have strengthened themselves as a third force follow up after the first four events. To restore Red Bull, but above all Ferrari, we need to start a battle also in the field of development.

Chinese GP: there will be no updates for McLaren

The beginning of the world championship it almost satisfied McLaren which now aims to improve thanks to the first update package, expected at the Miami track and not to a Chinese doctor. The first four races gave a positive response to the team led by Andrea Stella, establishing themselves as the third team in the Constructors’ Championship. Red Bull and Ferrari still seem distant, a feeling that the pilots also confirmed. However, the work is just beginning and a starting point could suit the Woking team.

Photo Credit: McLaren X

Development, as for everyone, will therefore be fundamental for McLaren, especially if it intends to follow the target r.narrow the gap to the top two in the class. The sights are actually aimed at Ferrari who currently occupy second place which looks almost unassailable. The start of 2024 was almost embarrassing in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In Melbourne however, thanks also to Red Bull’s toughness, McLaren was able to get behind the two FerrarisNorris third and Piastri fifth.

In Japan, without an update, McLaren managed to keep the competition, which is currently made up of the Mercedes-Aston Martin duo. At Suzuka the expectations were perhaps even higher compared to the results obtained at the finish line, where Norris came fifth and Piastri eighth. MCL38 is visible though much smaller than for example SF-24. The one-seater team from Maranello has really shown that it can cope well with all the tracks it has faced so far, so much so that it is the only team that has consistently reached the podium at the start of 2024.

mclaren china gp updates
Photo Credit: McLaren X

McLaren, however, had to deal with several problems, especially during the race. Unlike Red, in qualifying the MCL38s were able to defend themselves well; however, new tires often cover the limits, as admitted by Andrea Stella himself. As reported by Form1a.unoin Japan, in other stages of the race, McLaren recorded deterioration which was about 4 ten per cycle. A reason that the Working team must fix as soon as possible. Again according to what has been reported, however, no new developments are expected for China, instead waiting for the Miami GPdespite also for the first weekend in Nations the weekend with the Sprint format is reserved. The first development package, in all likelihood, will still not be enough to take Ferrari, which in turn will not bring big news. ahead of the Emilia Romagna GP.

mclaren china gp updates
Photo Credit: McLaren X

What will be decided in Miami However, it won’t be the only update planned for the Woking team, also because the team boss believes that the work is still too long. Some time ago Stella had spoken the truth another year of progress before we can hope to find Red Bull. In China it will therefore be McLaren on the defensive, due to the many low-speed parts that seem to put the MCL38s in difficulty. The expected development should help from the point of view of dealing with cables, to make the MCL38 a more stable single seater. So the first step forward is expected in Miami. The update war is therefore just the beginning; indeed, only song will be able to reward those who have taken the right path of development.

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